Men & Women Use the Internet Differently

Over the past 10 years or so, as more women have made names for themselves online, becoming a bigger and better part of the ecosystem, I’ve noticed that the differences in how my daughter works and how boys her same age work are dramatically different. I’m aware that this notion a male-centric, loaded statement. However, from my ad hoc, anecdotal observations of parenthood and in observing online relationships, it’s clear that men and women “go online” in different ways.

Since November of 2009, I’ve been extraordinarily lucky in being up close to a largely female community, the one my wife and I launched and continue to be awed by. We’ve been amazed at how complete strangers have introduced themselves and interacted. The stories are incredible and uplifting. I’m not saying that men couldn’t do similar. But the way in which women have interacted is different. Without question. And it’s fantastic.

This morning I got this link in my inbox from a newsletter and thought to share it:

What Men And Women Are Doing On Facebook

of note:

However, women don’t just visit different sites from men, they use social media differently than men. Experts believe the difference between how men and women operate online mirror their motivations offline. While women often use online social networking tools to make connections and share items from their personal lives, men use them as means to gather information and increase their status.

And later:

On message boards and forums, Kahn says that both sexes seek information and advice, but women tend to get more personal. She says women want to learn about real people experiencing similar conflicts. “Women are online solving real-life issues. If I’m a mom who is about to start potty training, it’s important to me to hear how other real moms are doing it,” says Kahn.