Monetizing or Not

Monetizing or Not

I have ad tags. I’ve resisted implementing them for a few reasons:

  • May seem tacky
  • Don’t know if they will be worth it
  • Will need to tweak the design, but not that big of a deal

However, I’ll likely be turning them on later today or tomorrow for a few reasons:

  • I need to start making money
  • If not now when?
  • Might spur me to generate other content aside from photos and the odd observation
  • Not doing this to capitalize on any situation except to generate revenue for myself

I don’t want to let an opportunity pass, but I also don’t want to be tacky. I think my money need is greater than my concerns about being tacky right now.

Question: what content do you come here for? If I devoted more time to this site, what is it that would add the most value for you? I know my interests, but I’m curious to know if they match your reasons for visiting. Thanks in advance for leaving a comment answering this question.

* * *

Please do not discuss Heather or her site in the comments, thanks. I’ll delete them regardless of how long you’ve been a reader or how concerned you might be. Don’t take it personally, it’s just something that Heather deserves and I want to give her. I’m making every effort to be civil and courteous. I would ask you to do the same when visiting here.