Moody Street Lamp

One of the reasons I think I’m drawn to New Orleans is that it is the scruffy cousin of Paris. The architecture is ancient, by U.S. standards, and the details of things one sees on the street create a sense of being outside the United States.

This photo was taken midday with an overcast sky. To get the sweet depth of field, opened the aperture nearly all the way. I probably should have lowered the ISO, but I got what I wanted: a shot I could take from flat to moody inside Lightroom. I could probably go even crazier (and may) inside Photoshop, but I loved where this shot ended up. I used split toning to amp up the vignetting and warm up the cool grays from the original. This might be a good image to build a tutorial on, so if you want to see how I got here from a very pedestrian source image, let me know and I’ll do a quickie screencast.

  • Dawn Ferragamo

    I’d love to see a tutorial. Thanks!

  • MG

    Me, too!

  • Natalie Kardos

    Love this photo :)

  • Stacey Fraser

    Really like this! And a European city was my first thought before I scrolled down to see New Orleans.

  • malber1

    I once watched a street lamp similar to that go up new. It goes up plain, and is painted to look as if it has been there 100 years. We carefully cultivate that image! It is interesting to see your hometown through an outsiders eyes.

  • blurb