More Mac Pro, Leopard Preview and my unknown illness

More Mac Pro, Leopard Preview and my unknown illness

Ars Technica has it’s review of the Mac Pro including some nice comparative graphs. When this one popped into my feed reader, I immediately clicked in and was not disappointed.

Ransom Note Typography has a nice, more personal first glance here.

As a bonus, has a write up and some screenshots of Leopard from their own install.

060814_westnile.jpgAnd then there is the crazy, migraine-like and flu-like pains and fatigue which could be West Nile Virus as I have all of the symptoms. The scariest part of West Nile is the encephalitis or meningitis that could come as a result. Heather and Leta took me to urgent care on Saturday. They drew blood and told me that my white cell counts were super normal, which is good. They also did a urinalysis and found no sign of bladder or kidney infection. After the white cell count, they drew another vial of blood for testing to determine if I have West Nile. So I wait for now. I expect to hear from them either later today or tomorrow. Kind of scary.

Heather has been absolutely wonderful in nursing me. I’ve been in bed since last Thursday afternoon. Thursday night I had a temperature of 101.5 and every day since it’s dropped. Last night my tempurature was 99.5 and then this morning it was normal. These are good signs. I just wish I didn’t have this crushing headache. The body aches are likely more from laying in bed than anything, but the headache is nasty and relentless.

I determined in 2002 that our lives would never be “normal”. I’ve been right so far.

I’ll keep you posted.