Moving Hosts

I thought I’d share a bit about the recent host change for 3hive. The previous host had serious Movable Type issues on the server we were hosted on. I belive this because both the old and new install wouldn’t work. New install had a clean database that was built from exporting from within Movable Type and still locked us out. It’s the same export that the current site was built with. So while the existing site’s database was jacked, something else was going on. What else to do but leave? The customer support was laughable at best. I will be moving this site eventually as well. I’ve been very very lucky thus far, but I can’t count on my current host to be there for me when I’m puking after drinking too much.

We went with Liquidweb, because they’ve seen the mothership through thick and thicker. Their support has been stellar. I only wish that I could do this full-time and we’d have solved this a month ago before all the travelling and pain. I’ve just wanted this nightmare to be over and the sharing to not be so hard.

Normally, moving hosts would be a straightforward affair, doing a MySQL dump and then taking that file on over to the new host and importing it into a fresh database and then moving all the Movable Type files. However, the dorkage meant I had to rebuild the site in much the same way as they did the Six Million Dollar Man; stronger, faster, etc.

Also, like fools, we are going live with the beta of Movable Type 3.2. I’ll be upgrading to the full version once it’s live, but some of the plugins we use (Filter Categories, Catx, Regex and the common anti-spam comment ones) have worked flawlessly with the upgrade. And the upgrade process went like butta. Much better than in the past and much faster. Very pleasing. I think this is what people expected with 3.0. It’s sweet.

Now. Time to take the huge, post-trauma shit.