N.O.? Y.E.S.

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N.O.? Y.E.S.

In New Orleans, the manhole covers have “N.O.P.S.I.” on them. This 2011 shot was one of the first ones I took on the street. I noticed these during my 2009 trip (click here to see the image) and wanted to get just the N and the O. Don’t know why it took over a year to process this one. Actually, I do know. It’s been a shitty year. I don’t say that to be a downer. Just being honest.

I’m almost a year out from my gall bladder removal and the 2011 trip to New Orleans was marked by severe chest pain and a lot of chewable antacids and anti-gas tablets. But I did manage to get some great shots. I wished I’d spent more time during the magic hours. So here’s to losing the shoulda coulda woulda: I will spend more time shooting during magic hour times in the future. And those images will kick ass.

Daily affirmation: There’s always a magic hour or two in a day.

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