About a month before Heather wanted to relaunch, I suggested we budget in a new tower for me, as the launch would likely overwhelm my laptop. I figured I’d have Skype open and then a list of development apps longer than my leg (including running Windows alongside Mac OS) and that the lappy would likely be limping most during the critical days prior to launch. After looking at the funds, we decided to wait until after Macworld 2008 to decide which machine to purchase.

The laptop survived launch, but there were some tense moments testing feed readers while running everything else.

Earlier this week, Apple announced a major bump to their Mac Pro towers and the second Heather gave me the go ahead, I ordered my first personal tower (at home) in over ten years! After being on a laptop for so long, I’m beside myself with the speed. I’m still in giddy shock over being able to edit RAW images with the kind of speed that I’ve only had in my special nighttime dreams.

I present Xeon Flux:
She's a Beaut!

Check the rest of the unboxing set here.

I’ll have an announcement up in a couple of days on a project that is supposed to help pay for this thing.

  • Menchuvian Candidate

    Congratulations! I hope you will be very happy together:)

  • megan

    Envy consumes me. Aperture is so slow on my pro…

  • Dick Carlson

    Are those Carpet Squares? In your OFFICE?

    Maybe you should set up a PayPal account where we can donate funds for furnishings.

  • Jace

    Oh, that’s pretty. I have to give up a kidney before I can get one. Congrats.

  • Kim

    I see Coco lurking suspiciously in the background … hopefully she doesn’t decide the new tower is a puppeh toy!

  • John LeJeune

    Jonny’s got a gear woody! You will love the new keyboard. I thought I wouldn’t, until I used it for. . . oh I dunno about two minutes. Congrats! Well deserved and much better than tea cups.

  • Nate


  • Eater’s Regret

    I love how Coco is peeking in, as if to say ‘you don’t prefer this new pile of circuits and wires to me do you?’ I’m jealous cos you are getting all the best toys this year

  • shauna

    it’s beautiful. i am jealous! although i will be getting a mac book pro after macworld… hopefully they announce an upgrade.

    just out of curiosity… from one web designer to another… does flash seem to run faster on the new intel machines? it runs really slow on the old powerbooks.

  • Amanda

    That’s pretty damn sexy.

    Scott is a Linux man and not a huge Mac fan, but he said that your new box makes him want to touch himself in an inappropriate manner.

  • DrKoob


    What kind of specs did you get? RAM, optical drives, HDs? You gotta tell us.
    Did you get a new monitor? Maybe a 30″ cinema. Big envy man. I got the lovely bride a new MacBook for Christmas and when she got an iPhone that wouldn’t sync with her old G-4 iMac I got her a new iMac as well. So that means I have to wait until next year for a new tower and struggle along with my G5 tower.

  • Jennifer

    Very nice. But you know- I just noticed that you guys don’t have ads on your sites. As weird as this sounds, I miss your ads. Some of them were funny, and they always flung me somewhere I never would have landed otherwise.

  • Bill

    So incredibly jealous. The inverter on my Pbook G4 died, and like an idiot I opened the case, thinking I could fix it. So, in addition, half my keyboard died as well. So now it’s hooked up to an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse, living a hellish half-existence like some decapitated head-in-a-pan from a 50s scifi movie.

    Anyway, congrats.

  • Omar

    Wow… that is amazing. :)

    enjoy your new computer.

  • mommyknows

    Green with envy!


  • minxlj

    Congrats! It’s like Christmas getting a new Mac :-) I’m hoping to shell out on the new Mac Pro sometime this year after I move house and the solicitors have bathed in the extortionate amount they’re charging me, LOL.

    Gonna check out the Flickr set now to geek out and see if you got a 30″ with that Pro 😀

  • trk

    Even us conservative readers are jealous. Verah Nice. Bring forth the spec’s please.

  • Lady


    ??? I still see ads.

    Looking forward to details on the mysterious new project, Jon!

  • BluesCityRef

    Sweet machine. I too would like to see what you are planning on using that much firepower for.

  • Hippo Brigade

    Your computer’s hot. But I’m more interested in your flor tiles. Those are damn spiffy.

  • DrM2B

    congrats …..dont cha JUST LUV that new electronics smell!?!?!??!………whew! I gotta go take a shower just thinkin aboooot it…… =)

  • M@

    Okay man, don’t keep us waiting. All the MacHype aside, what’s the job that’s going to pay for that thing?