About a month before Heather wanted to relaunch, I suggested we budget in a new tower for me, as the launch would likely overwhelm my laptop. I figured I’d have Skype open and then a list of development apps longer than my leg (including running Windows alongside Mac OS) and that the lappy would likely be limping most during the critical days prior to launch. After looking at the funds, we decided to wait until after Macworld 2008 to decide which machine to purchase.

The laptop survived launch, but there were some tense moments testing feed readers while running everything else.

Earlier this week, Apple announced a major bump to their Mac Pro towers and the second Heather gave me the go ahead, I ordered my first personal tower (at home) in over ten years! After being on a laptop for so long, I’m beside myself with the speed. I’m still in giddy shock over being able to edit RAW images with the kind of speed that I’ve only had in my special nighttime dreams.

I present Xeon Flux:
She's a Beaut!

Check the rest of the unboxing set here.

I’ll have an announcement up in a couple of days on a project that is supposed to help pay for this thing.