New Buds

New Buds

I’ve been meaning to talk about how much of a moron I am, but was afraid. I am not afraid now, because snow is falling and I’ve been given clearance. From god.

080315-vibenero.jpgI left my V-MODA vibe duo headphones (with microphone for iPhone usage) somewhere between here and San Diego. So I’m facing a conundrum. I replaced these yesterday with the Shure SE110 earbud/earphone, thinking that I was going to get a tad better made product (not that I hate on the vibe duo as a headphone). I’m trying to find a suitable sound isolating/noise cancelling solution that doesn’t cost $400 US. The SE110 was the right price, but damn, there is no bottom end. And I like my bottom end. I do love the squishy foam earpieces on the SE110’s as they seal out sound in a great way, but once the seal is made, no richness like I expected.

080315-shure210.jpgI’m thinking about the Shure SE210, as some reviews say it has more bass than the 110s. However, I’m not entirely sold on this model as reviews are mixed in terms of low end. Some people say they have great bass response, others not so much. I’m kind of done reading reviews online about audio. With these kinds of headphones, the shape of the ear and the subjectivity that is rampant when it comes to interpretation leaves a lot to be desired. I did read this review on iLounge, which was helpful. I just don’t know if there is a better alternative.

I’m looking for suggestions, as the SE110s are headed back to the store for exchange. My requirements:

  • Small, earbud style
  • Great sound, especially low end
  • Must isolate or noise cancel excellently
  • Must work with an iPhone
  • Must be sturdy and well-made
  • When I talk about low end, I’m not talking about double bass in Mozart’s Requiem, I’m talking about bass as in anything mixed after 1991. So while I’d like to pretend to be all hoity about audio, I want something that is going to drown out plane engines, screaming kids, a puppy and occasionally my wife.

Any recomendations?

UPDATE: Bought the SE210s. Marked improvement. WORTH IT. Review and reasoning tomorrow…