New Phone Notes

New Phone Notes

I got this new phone. I had heard that Verizon had hobbled bluetooth on it’s phones and the reception in our neighborhood was atrocious. Even when my Verizon phone was brand new, I had to stand outside to get decent reception. So I switched carriers and went for one of their higher end phones. This new phone gets four to five bars in my basement, for God’s sake. Oddly, only three in the upstairs dining room. So I’m less likely to care that I can sync my contacts and calendars using iSync, because I can actually use the phone in my house.

The new phone has Bluetooth capabilities and my iBook sees it just fine and moving pictures from the phone to the camera is pretty cool. I can take a picture upstairs and transfer it wirelessly to my machine downstairs. Provided the machine hasn’t gone to sleep. I haven’t messed with it, but there is a setting that lets Bluetooth mice and keyboards wake up a sleeping machine… maybe my phone can do that. But God help it, because when my iBook wakes up it’s a grumpy little bastard. Sidenote: the phone makes a good toast as well; golden brown and crisp, yet moist and tender in the middle.

The best and worst part of the Bluetooth action is that I can use a wireless headset with the phone. It’s really nice to set the phone where it gets the best reception and yack 10 or more feet away. The problem is that I look like a dork with the headset:


I’m already on the edge with the clogs. The headset just pushes it over the cliff.