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New York City Public Library Lion – Fortitude? Patience?

This is my civic sculpture spirit animal. He lives outside of the New York City Public Library with another lion and is named either Patience or Fortitude. I’m leaning toward Fortitude.

The library website has a page about the lions here. The New York Times City Room blog has a piece about the lions turning 100 years old here:

“They are familiar in the way that the clock at the Biltmore once was. That may be why some New Yorkers assume they were loved from the moment they took their places, Patience on the downtown side of the wide front steps, Fortitude on the uptown side.

Except that they weren’t loved in the beginning. When they were still new arrivals, passers-by complained that they were ‘squash-faced’ and ‘mealy-mouthed and complacent.'”

Seems crazy to me that people wouldn’t find the lines, scale and scope of these pieces anything but fantastic.

  • americanrecluse

    Oh, he’s just lovely. Great shot!

  • Kristan

    He is gorgeous. Fantastic capture.

  • txgrrl

    I agree. How can anyone not instantly love that face? Gorgeous shot!

  • blurb

    @americanrecluse:disqus @kristanhoffman:disqus @txgrrl:disqus Thank you.

  • JonestownJenny

    What a beautiful, strong, and virile animal. I see a lot of you in that majestic beast. Happy spring 😉

  • Laura

    I *love* this. The composition, the colors, the texture of the stone.

  • Pixelfish

    I think any new civic feature is rarely beloved when it makes its debut. Time and familiarity will eventually give it the patina of affection, even when something is particularly hated. (Like the Transamerica building–which was famously hated/despised but now stands as an iconic landmark that often features in many SF logos.)

  • Krissa

    If this is the one on the right as you’re looking at the entrance, then it’s Fortitude for sure! I love these guys.

  • fred lapides

    When I have as serious and difficult book I sit on the step[s at that library and read between the lions