Not Buying the Regalness Here

dooce: Portrait of Bo Hogan

He’s a heavy snorer and a bed inhabiting scrabbler. I slept about 2.5 hours last night due to being scratched, licked and pummeled. I think we have him only one more night. In his favor, he is much more dog-like than Chuck, who is likely 40% cat. Like his mother.

  • Sarah

    Bo reminds of my rhodesian ridgeback/coonhound – Rex is a cover stealer, a counter-surfer (guess Bo is too short for that poor fella) and a true mans dog. He was a rescue .. 9 yrs ago, and the first night we had him, he ate a whole in my daughters 6 bday cake that was sitting on the counter. Still … there is no dog that loves like a hound-dog does, they are true gives and incredibly generous in their love :). (I sent pics of him to Heather…). Bo is ADORABLE, if he ever needs a home, and wants to be a canuck .. fly him on out to Montreal…

  • Jay

    Backyards and soundproof windows were invented for moments like these. :-)

  • Kelley

    My husband used to say before our daughter was born that the dogs would still keep us up more than the baby. I told him he was in for a big surprise, but it turns out he’s right. Our two ridgebacks whine and scratch at the bed to get up, stretch out their legs and punch us in the side, snore like 80-year old men, and have toxic gas all night long. If we didn’t have our windows open at night, we’d all die of the methane. Then there’s the one who needs to empty her bladder at least twice a night and examine the entire .25-acre backyard for any intruders at a very leisurely pace.

    Thank god the human child sleeps like a rock.

  • Amanda

    It’s hard to believe that an animal that noble looking would lick his own ass.

  • Lesley

    Bo looks like he’s got a lot of beagle in him. If he’s half beagle, half basset that would explain a lot about his personality.

    I love the tweedledee/dum photo. Bo with his eyes closed while sitting…priceless!

  • Pete Dunn

    Does Bo sit up all night licking his vagina like The Bitch does? Ugh. I like licking pussy as much as the next guy but COME ON. Give it a rest, will ya?

  • Pete Dunn

    Err… her give it a rest… not you. Feel free to not give it a rest all you want.

  • http://none Jaina

    This is actually for the soap box derby. Rural Texas does soap box high-style. I think creativity has different motivations in different places, but I think our soap boxing is inspired by urges similar to lawn mower races and water skiing in ditches.

    And I love Chuck as cat.

  • Becky

    Oh, goodness, I can’t believe how you’re maligning that precious animal with the angelic face.

  • anne

    That people sums up what its like to share space with a beagle. To a tee.