Not So Quaking Aspen

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Not So Quaking Aspen

I had a great weekend. It’s Thursday already, I know. Seeing my long-time childhood friends was fantastic. You might remember them from such expoits as 2005 Road Trip, (2, 3, 4), 2006 Insane Hike (with erroneous title) (photos), Bonnaroo 2007, etc.

We’ve been unable to do big trips the past few years so seeing JB/Thomas Haden Church and McQueen together was stellar. We’ve decided that we need to restart the yearly get togethers in a neutral location; a true vacation/escape. Last year, McQueen and I went back to Knoxville and hung out for a few days, but this year, Haden Church stayed for five nights. I got him for three. Great to shoot the shit and talk about the recent past and the future. This time together with my boys was some of the best times I’ve had with them. I’ll share more from the weekend in another post, but I wanted to share this photo as it was taken on the first hike I’ve been on since the gall bladder removal. I did pretty well, given the high temperature and the late start. I estimate we hiked an unfamiliar trail at least 4-6 miles round trip.

I wish I’d taken more shots of us as a trio, but I did get all of us to sit still for a shot at a boarded up store that was a block away from my childhood home. I need to get permission before sharing that one.

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Daily affirmation: Let go. Of the past, of the pain and of the crazy-making what-ifs.