Note to Professional Touring Acts

Unless you are terribly gifted in the comedic banter arena, shut up and play.

p.s. Neko Case (you know you are a Blurbomat fan and it is fairly well known you’ve taken our advice in the past), your anti-Bruce Springsteen rant was fantastic. All the other chatter blew donkey chunks. As did the sound. Any club that mangles such beautiful harmonies needs to spend a little less money on the slacker bartenders and a lot more on the house sound. Dreadful.

p.s.s. Crazy ass Keith Moon drummer, you are awesome.

  • certified

    Now, see, i would say something totally similar, like, “Unless you are a foreign affairs expert, shut up about foreign policy and just play, or act, or do whatever else it is you do.”

  • andrew

    did you go see the New Pornographers? and what she say about bruce? come on, tell!

  • dj blurb

    Yes. New Pornographers. Fantastic show. But damn they talked way more than when we saw them a couple of years ago.

    Neko went OFF about Bruce. How his songwriting sucks and how he’s overcharging for concert tickets and she ended it with “And your ass isn’t that hot, either.”

    The drummer is totally Keith Moon, Jr.

  • Dave Thomas

    There was nearly a Bruce-themed brawl with those over-aged dirtheads in the back. Did you hear them singing “Born in the USA” during a break, like it was a song of protest? Some of them were very upset.

    What is the appeal of Bruce? Is there a feeling that because his voice is raw and his songwriting basic and unimaginative that his work is somehow more “real”? As if “real” were any more desireable in music than it is in movies or any old other thing.

    Blow, Bruce, blow.

  • dj blurb

    And what about that table of retired individuals?

    Pa: “Ah hell, ma, we are swingers… let’s see this new pornography.”
    Ma: “Yer damn right Verdell. Let’s do it.”

    [arrive at show]

    Pa [after three pitchers]: “Ah hell, ma, these kids write some catchy music. Mind your crocheted vest while we dance!”
    Ma: “Yer damn right, Verdell!”

  • andrew

    oh that happens here in chicago as well at shows, the old people. i think it’s because so many old man bars became indie rock places and some of the old men never leave. it will be me someday.

  • Beerzie Boy

    As an old man, I resent you young punks taking over our corner bars to stare around at each others piercings and drink hip/shitty beers. Go swill your canned beer in a tatoo parlor parking lot, you upstarts.

  • patatomic

    I didn’t much really care for The Boss until I heard an album he did a few years ago called The Ghost of Tom Joad. I absolutely love it. The songwriting is absolutely amazing. For those of you who like the acoustic stuff, this is a treat.

  • http://nuttin Adrienne

    I just feel cool because I knew who Neko Case was without having to ask my boyfriend…