On the News

Heather and I were asked to participate in a roundtable discussion with a local news show On the Record with Chris Vanocur. Link to our show is here.

I’d just leave it at that, but there are some issues. The technical issues are that the show runs long enough that the ad reloader on the video page will kill the program. Note to abc4.com devs: On pages with video longer than a few minutes, you might want to kill the force reloader script. It makes it super annoying when you want to watch a long show to have the page do a force reload so that a new ad below the video can be seen. Lame. Also, dayport video player techs, it would be nice to show a progress bar (see every other major video player online) so I can get back to where I was after being nuked by bad ad scripts. Usability, people. Brightcove does a much better job with its player… To be fair, the embed version shows a progress bar, but the player on the story page does not.

Personal notes:
1) I did an extremely short hand history of blogging which will likely be taken to task. I ask the reader to forgive me for not doing a better, more thorough job in 9 seconds of giving credit to those who had blogs before Blogger started in 1999. I am aware that people were doing it well before 1999. I used to read Justin Hall and Dave Winer back in the day.

2) “Best” of Utah blogs is likely shortchanging a boatload of other great sites. I’ll be wrestling Chris Vanocur in a TV time limit, no-holds barred cage match at a future date.

3) My gesturing is problematic.

4) It might be time for voice lessons.

5) This show has a wide range of topics and personalities. It’s not MTV, so cut some slack to the host if he seems newsy. That’s his job. Also, something that still is an issue is that blogging is not something that everybody knows everything about. My comments around being in the beginning are relative to that notion. And relative to your mom.

Be nice in the comments and thanks for coming.