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More New Orleans beauty. I don’t recall where this was taken, but i wish I did. I could spend a couple of hours shooting all the textural goodness of this building.

Daily affirmation: Get one longstanding thing done today.

This affirmation is something that I’ve been trying to do all week. I think I cracked it last night. It’s nerd-related and I’m proud of myself for learning all the stuff I needed to move forward toward completion. MySQL, PHP, 77 browser windows (all with at least half a dozen tabs open) and only a smidge of caffeine.

I’ve got my dev server up. I’m doing work. I’m staying up way too late on said work. It feels good.

However. When I get into the state necessary to focus on database code (and it’s largely syntax that is my stumbling block), other things fall off the radar. Like blogging. Shooting photos. Progressing on projects and the like. The sludgy feeling of poking around a large database and extracting things programmatically is very cool, but it’s kind of anti-climactic. Most one-time data operations are like that. You spend hours and hours perfecting the commands and queries. Then when you run it and it works, you see that the server spent 0.2258 seconds to execute it. While that speed is very cool, there just isn’t a big enough payoff. I’m thinking that when you run a batch of successful commands on a database, the computer needs to transform into things like:

  • Supermodels
  • Charcoal grill
  • Full drumline
  • Time portal that opens and send you to a warm (not too hot) beach
  • Perfectly fitting Iron Man® suit with a minimum two hours of power

Just saying.