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Looking from Treasure Island into San Francisco. I shot this during the official photowalk of the Google Plus Photography Conference. I shot a bunch of these after the walk was over because the light was a bit more dramatic. I wasn’t sure I was going to share any of these shots until I took this into black & white. That simple change gave the image an entirely different mood.

As I shoot more landscape shots, I’m noticing the edge falloff with the Sigma. I don’t hate it, but it’s something I’m noticing more and more. I should have changed lenses and tried a longer lens, just to see what I could get. I probably could have done a series of portrait oriented shots and stitched them together for a much more detailed shot. That’s something to try soon. I’m getting more comfortable with shooting more manually with my lenses. To get usable stitched images, the white balance, exposure, lens correction and metering has to be tight. Next time I have the 5D Mark II I’ll give it a go and hopefully I’ll have something good to share.

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