Subwoofer Envy

It hurts. She's got the power. She's got the exact same speaker system that I had when I worked here. I was working late on a very huge and stressful client pitch. I would crank Chemical Brothers somewhere in the 300db range. I had substantial low end. It felt good....

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This one is for the boys. Although, I've known women who need this from time to time. Back in the bubble days, I had a sweet PDA hook-up via AvantGo. I'd do a sync, get all my news sources and sites loaded up and then head to the crapper to unload and read. Then along...

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First: Still sick. Second: I'm officially a Mac Slave again. After working for over a year on a Windows 2000 Pro PC, I tasted, albeit briefly, the aesthetic and speed pain of working in the majority. Large file handling was slow, but simple tasks were brutally fast....

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