See those fleshy folds in the above illustration? I don't have them. They have been buried for a good two weeks under a solid mass of discolored mucous. I've tried everything. Fortunately, I was able to find a fiber optic camera and my lover went on ahead and took...

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Pain Math

(3x Advil + Vicodin) * Flexeril / Complex B Vitamin + Allegra D = Shaky, stuttering mass of confusion and delirium. No change from any other day, really. Enjoy this. It's the Preparation H Self Test Quiz O Rama. Best use of Flash...

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Back pain is the worst. Four days of premature grandparentisticism. And counting. The Horror. The Horror.

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Crazy low water level of the Great Salt Lake.

Ghosts on the platform

Kind of Bleached


Golden Cold


Some Numbers

Conflicts of Interest for Donald Trump Every Day

Countdown to 2020 Election Day








  • Sleep
  • Food
  • Mental Acuity