The Beard

No. Not the person who acts as a front for the real talent, as in "Who's the beard?" I'm talking about the growth on my face. It's been seven years and a lot of heartache since I last had hair on my face in a meaningful way. Seven years ago I "played" keyboards in a...

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I've hinted at this. It is time to come clean. On Christmas Eve, 1983, I rolled over the Defender at Maverik's Country Store in my small, northern Utah town. It took 2.5 hours. We're talking over a million points. I figured if I scored over a million points, I'd be...

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For the past 6 months, I've been more sick than I've ever been. According to the University of Michigan (here) I don't have hypochondria. What I do have currently is best illustrated in the visual depiction on the right. Hypochondria is about imagined illnesses. There...

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On approach to PHX.

Some Numbers

Conflicts of Interest for Donald Trump Every Day

Countdown to 2020 Election Day








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