Life Is Too Short

For fans of (and/or people who posted the 47,000 comments) this entry, you might want to click the image below:...

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See those fleshy folds in the above illustration? I don't have them. They have been buried for a good two weeks under a solid mass of discolored mucous. I've tried everything. Fortunately, I was able to find a fiber optic camera and my lover went on ahead and took...

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Pain Math

(3x Advil + Vicodin) * Flexeril / Complex B Vitamin + Allegra D = Shaky, stuttering mass of confusion and delirium. No change from any other day, really. Enjoy this. It's the Preparation H Self Test Quiz O Rama. Best use of Flash...

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On approach to PHX.

Some Numbers

Conflicts of Interest for Donald Trump Every Day

Countdown to 2020 Election Day








  • Sleep
  • Food
  • Mental Acuity