Changing Spaces

DIY mania has swept over us here at the blurbomat HQ. Key learnings: IKEA's traffic pattern is designed so that by the time you get to housewares, you are suffering from a near-homicidal need to start throwing things. And hating people. And wondering why they didn't...

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Bug Juice

My mother tried to give us variation in our diet. She really tried. It wasn't her fault. Eventually she gave up. A key turning point came when I asked my next oldest brother what he was putting on his food. His response, usually something scatalogical, was a simple,...

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Radio Killed the Video Star

One year ago yesterday: The then roommate and I (now blissfully wedded) were driving to our morning ritual of physical exercise. We, being former Liberal Arts majors, enjoyed the NPR program, Morning Edition on our 20 minute drive. As we are pulling away from our...

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Some Numbers

Conflicts of Interest for Donald Trump Every Day

Countdown to 2020 Election Day








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