Rorschachesque Lion Thingy

Can you freaking believe it? Ryan won The Bachelorette! He won! It had to be the drawing. Remember that drawing? It was this weirdly symmetrical ink drawing that looked vaguely like something you'd see in Psych 101 and the whole class would think, but not say, "Lion."...

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Joe $500 Thousandaire

Joe Millionaire Finale in one act: Evan: "Uh. I choose you." Zora: "Really?" -- Zora: "Let's see where this goes." Evan: "Really?" -- Paul the Butler: "Hey you crazy kids, here's a million dollars!" Evan: "Really?" Zora: "Really?" -- End -- And with actual anti...

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Am I Hot?

Name: Former Congressman Henry "Buck" Chucklesworth Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT Height: 18" Weight: 47 lbs. Age: 11 months Occupation: Ladykiller

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Revenge of the Me: CSS

Yeah. So I finally fixed my portfolio. Thanks to GK and everybody else who pitched in. I found a great resource here (thanks to Sour Bob for sending me there), as well. Sometimes it's right in front of us. The solution, from a very nice person on the css-discuss list,...

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So Not Zeldman

Ok. So if you are coming here and it's all tweeked and skeezy, we can blame one person: Zeldman. Just hit the refresh button a bunch of times and all should be well. The wife already yelled at me for not backing up my CSS. So you can check that off your list of things...

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Revenge of the Nerds: CSS

I am perplexed by what can only be described as a CSS situation. I want a sidebar's background color to extend the length of it's container. Given the two conditions of content length (main content is longer than the sidebar or sidebar is longer than main content) I...

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The Idol

Why can't they just up and say it? The tension is so thick on this season of American Idol, it's nearly unbearable. Without Dunkleman (and what exactly happened to Dunkleman? Hello, VH-1's Where are They Now: Reality TV Hosts...), it is so painfully obvious that Simon...

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Driving School

It is worth mentioning that Utah drivers rank only slightly above the nations worst drivers: those from Idaho. After a couple of months of data gathering, our staff has presented it's findings shown in Figure 1 (above). Utah drivers aren't just bad. They are insane....

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War. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Unh.

You want anti-war sentiment? You think my writing can stop a god damned thing? It can't. The man who stole the presidency with help from his daddy's cronies is a warmonger. It's a strong gene. As much as the board has prodded me, it's hard to muster up feelings when...

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With the impending war, disasters and whatnot filling the media area, Blurbomat must insist that perspective is kept. If you want/expect me to express anything in regards to current events, the above link is all you're going to get. We're too knackered. (Plural,...

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Oakland Represent

I've been laughing for the past 30 minutes straight at these two items: 1. Video   2. Remixes (From awholelottanothing and MeFi.) Nothing beats stoned Oakland residents. Ever. Anybody remember The Bong Show? It was a locally (Oakland) produced talent show and it...

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Sundance, belated.

We saw a ton of movies at Sundance. A ton. There is a point where Sundance feels like a day at the amusement park where you are the first people there. There are no lines. You ride the ride then sprint as fast as you can to do the ride again. You have to do it because...

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UPDATE: I'm sure most of you who wanted to donate via PayPal have done so. If you haven't and would like to, here is the link. For those who wish to donate via other means, we're in the process of setting up a P.O. Box and will post that information when we have it....

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Say you happen to own an iMac. Say it's one of the lamp-inspired ones. Say you need to have some bottom-system shaking frequencies. Say you whine about this. Say your wife sees that the cost to improve the low-end will be relatively minimal ($59 US) and consents to...

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Home Improvement

Unsolicited free advice: don't change servers and try to consolidate your blogs at the same time. Because it isn't one step. It's 7,500. And even then, once you think you are done, something comes up that is entirely not your fault and entirely the fault of the...

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“It’s great that things work out sometimes like that.”

It's the best documentary ever. Of course, I'm talking about American Movie. If you have not seen it, rent it immediately. Note the Props/special effects credit on this movie. Yep. Apparently, pre-Textism, Mr. Allen had another career. If you have no idea what I'm...

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So. CSS. Apparently, IE PC didn't like my CSS so much. I've got a big CSS. Apologies to those using the General Motors equivalent operating system of the PC world. Sure, I screwed up. A little. Still. It should be all better now. Safari is another beast altogether....

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Subwoofer Envy

It hurts. She's got the power. She's got the exact same speaker system that I had when I worked here. I was working late on a very huge and stressful client pitch. I would crank Chemical Brothers somewhere in the 300db range. I had substantial low end. It felt good....

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Some Numbers

Number of times I've sworn at the NY Times Headlines writers today

Conflicts of Interest for Donald Trump Every Day

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