Tenacious Chuck D

Ultra topical title aside, dog ownership is awesome. Dogs have mind control powers. They look at you. They don't blink. They bend your will until you hand over the snacks. They work the cute angle better than any child actor selling breakfast...

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Even the porn industry gets desperate sometimes. This is the best spam Blurbomat has received yet

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Coffee is for Closers IV:The Reckoning

Right. Time to kill this theme off. There will be no endless sequels of coffee, closing or steak knives. So. Discovered something called The Fleet Manager. This person exists at most car dealerships. If know you have good credit, find out who this person is and call...

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Coffee is for Closers III

Blurbomat is painfully aware that flogging of this kind is hurtful. Still. So I get a follow-up call from the dealership that I visited (read about it here) from a guy claiming to be a manager. He asks me why I didn't buy a truck from them. After a 5 minute tirade,...

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It is time to come clean. Really clean. Zestfully. When I was 11, I was introduced to the world of Birds. Not ornithological specimens, mind. These were of the type created by an old friend and frequent Blurbomat commentor, porkchop. Birds were a race of mutants. Sort...

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Coffee is for Closers II

It doesn't stop. Yesterday, I discovered that Nissan is doing a 3.9% - 4.9% financing deal. That's 2% better than my bank. I call the dealer by my work. "Yeah, come drive the truck. We have a ton of these on the lot." "Great. And you'll do 4.9% for 60 months?" "Yeah."...

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Coffee is for Closers

Recently, it was deemed appropriate to not let Them win by doing some window shopping. Most of it centered around an economic turnaround package of my own: I'm thinking of losing the Lesbian Power Wagon and getting a truck. A butch ass truck. I'm supporting the...

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In Defense of The Clog

Somewhere between the lowly flip-flop and the shoe lies the clog. Much maligned, and scoffed at, it is the forgotten middle child of footwear. Some have deigned the clog ill and written it into their corporate policies that the clog be banished from sight, or worse,...

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