How to list Folders first when sorting a Finder window in macOS Sierra Of all the new features in macOS Sierra, one of my favorites is this really simple one that changes the way files and folders are displayed in the Finder. (Hat tip to former Macworld editor Scholle...

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This week we talk tech and Lex tells us about his arcade game machine. You may remember Super Pac-Man as the confusing and hard-to-play Pac-Man. Sorry, Windows and Linux users, we spend a bunch of time on macOS Sierra. Lex's Instagram account includes some great shots...

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Link: I Use Oil And Water To Photograph Abstract Drops

I love Macro photography. The beauty of macro opens my eyes to the beauty of something we don’t pay attention to…I love the amazing details, the whole new world in the world of the small. These Linda Habiba macros of water and oil are great! And she's posted a...

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Link: The Meaning of Trump’s Early-Morning Tweet Storm

The Meaning of Trump’s Early-Morning Tweet Storm The tweets Donald Trump sent out early Friday morning about Alicia Machado, the former Miss Universe who has emerged as an important surrogate for the Hillary Clinton campaign, raise a number of questions, and the first...

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