Panther: So Broken

In furthering the whining about the turn for the worse that Mac OS X appears to have taken with Panther:

Read this.

I’m feeling like I did back in 2001; Apple must not force me to do gymnastics to get my job done. If it does, I’ll defect. Sure, Windows XP Pro isn’t the most beautiful thing to look at but by God it works. And working is what it’s supposed to be about.

To those boycotting the upgrade to Adobe’s CS line: CS fixes many, many issues. The biggest for me: one can now save a native Illustrator file onto a server. InDesign still has linking issues when the files linked to are stored on a server. I can’t decide if that’s the OS or the app. EIther way, Adobe and Apple need to sit down and work it out, because I’m tired of relinking all my damn files EVERY TIME I OPEN A DOCUMENT.

On the family front, my baby is cuter than ever and I miss being home to help Heather. It hurts to know that she’s getting no sleep while I can sleep harder than I’ve ever slept before. There must be some physiological thing happening there as other new fathers I’ve spoken to talk about their ability to sleep through anything.