Part of the Problem

Holy shaved cat balls, Internet Explorer 6 is most definitely the Netscape Navigator 4 of our day and age. Do you remember 1999? Do you remember how shitty it was to wait for an entire page reload regardless of cache settings? Remember how finicky it was? That is where IE 6 is today.

If you use this ancient and horrid application to “surf” the “net,” you are definitely missing out. And you are the reason for the gnashing of teeth, the rent garments, the hair-pulling, the thousands of wasted hours by web developers the world over and you are the reason that Firefox has gained so much market share with early adopters. Why haven’t you updated yet? What is stopping you?

If you are enslaved to an IT department who doesn’t want to support Firefox or Internet Explorer 7, make friends and push for a move forward. Most IT people will listen to rational users. And they may only be fearing the unknown. Offer to beta test for them. Anything to help those of us trying to give you a better experience get more time making it better and less time spending costly and emotionally damaging hours bending stylesheets and cursing a six year old browser.

There isn’t a hands down winner in the current state of the browser, but anything is better than IE 6. Just think of all the hours that you will save the children.