People Who Say They’re Moving To Canada Because Of ObamaCare

This is priceless:

I’m moving to Canada. Obviously the United States doesn’t know what they are doing anymore. This used to be a great country… Pretty sad.

via People Who Say They're Moving To Canada Because Of ObamaCare

Hat tip: Gruber.

  • Sarah R. Bloom


  • Kim Carter Taveroff

    Just wait until they find out our Conservatives are more liberal then your Democrats.

  • Dawn Catteau

    That is awesome.

    Apparently, we also need Obamaducation…

  • hilaryfranklin

    The comments on that page are the best part.

  • meegiemoo

    This bugs me more because no one can just move to Canada. You have to apply to immigrate here. If you don’t you’re ILLEGAL. GHA!

  • PandoraHasABox

    I heard about the Supreme Court decision and immediately wondered if you’d have anything to say about it. Btw, all the dipshits who want to move to Canada…guess what? CANADA ALREADY HAS SOCIALIZED HEALTHCARE. And they pay more in taxes. As does every other Westernized country in the *world*. Also, they treat their citizens like human beings. It’s *amazing*.

    • John P Egan, PhD

      Mostly true, but people in BC and AB pay less taxes than, for example, my brother who lives on Long Island in NY.

  • Andrea Bailey

    As a Canadian, let me speak for my people when I tell you that the ‘moving to canada’ whiners? Those are the assholes y’all can keep down there. We don’t want ’em

  • rageagainsttheminivan

    Didn’t Limbaugh say he’s leave the country if it stuck? Here’s hoping!

  • John P Egan, PhD

    Merci d’avoir choisi Immigration Canada. Tout les agents sont présentment occupé; veuillez attendre pour la prochaine agent. Si vous êtes un américain ou une américaine qui voudraient déménager au Canada après la décision du Cour Suprême, appuyez 9 maintenant.



    • blurb

      This may be the single best comment ever left on this site. I can’t like it enough. :-)

    • 72feetabovesealevel

      HA! That’s awesome.

  • Ryan Waddell

    Ah hah, of course you’d link to this too. Lol. Interestingly, some of those people have completely removed their twitter accounts after the backlash from that article. And also, some of those comments are SUPER tongue-in-cheek sarcasm, which was TOTALLY missed by the vast majority of the people visiting the page (and responding to them on Twitter).

  • Freed4

    Those who are desperate to leave may realise, eventually, that they have no where to go without putting in a lot of effort. Border to the north, border to the south (perhaps not); ocean either side.