Phoney 02 Cover

Photos! Cheap!

Hello remaining handful of readers!

The print experiment continues. I want to provide my photos inexpensively to those who are fans as well as a way to group collections. Since MagCloud started allowing one to use existing flickr sets as a way to publish, it’s relatively pain-free to sell magazines. The print quality is not fine art level, but for the cost, it’s damn good. I’d forgotten how cool it is to see work that has lived only as digital ephemera come to life in print form.

Hat tip to Derek, who has done a bunch of work with MagCloud to make this happen!

I present:

Phoney 02

Phoney 02 Cover
click image to preview the whole magazine on MagCloud

If you’ve purchased my previous Phoney issue (Phoney.01) I’d love to hear from you about quality, feel, etc.

As always, thanks for your support!

  • Corey

    I can’t believe all of these images were taken on a phone.

    Also, my goal is to use ‘ephemera’ at least once before the day is through.

    • blurb

      Sometimes I can’t believe it myself!

      Ephemera is a really awesome word.

      • Corey


        Roommate Matthew: “Do you think these jeans are too tight?”

        Me: “Considering I can see the outline of your ephemera, I’d say yes, they’re too tight.”

        Roommate Matthew: “Damn. My mom said they make me look distinguished.”

        Me: “Gross.”

  • leesavee

    Wow, Jon! Those are some amazing photos.

    Re: your previous post about Newt Gingrich, he can kiss my ephemera.


    So Jon, you’re gay too?

    • blurb


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