Polygamy, yay!

The insanely fawning tone of this section of today’s Salt Lake Tribune is enough to make me want to pick up both torch and pitchfork. It’s not so much the polygamy as it is the abuse of power. It seems so Old Testament/Old World and frankly, so Muslim extremist. Jon Krakauer makes this observation in the foreword and epilogue of Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith (highly recommended).

It’s as if the editors of the Trib read Krakauer’s book, and said, “Put a smiley face on this whole mess and we’ll run it as it’s own section in the Sunday edition! Get down to the compounds pronto, toots! I want photos of the women in those pioneer get-ups and make sure the leaders look good. I’m talking warm and fuzzy, here people.”

I’d love to see the Tribune take the same tone taken with gay marriage. Ah… Utah’s true colors. Good times…

Related story: there is certainly an air of strange bedfellows (sorry, couldn’t resist) vibe with this suit. If I support gay marriage, am I also supporting polygamy? My inner pride marcher is saying “Yes, you are.”

Maybe it’s time?