Post Vacation

Calling wedding trips “Vacations” is kind of a misnomer. Weddings are busy things, even if you don’t have a thing to do with the wedding besides being friends with the bride and groom. There are meals to eat with groups and in our case, southern customs to attend to. We were well fed, enjoyed everything, got sunburned and saw some of the most amazing southern architecture.

Beaufort (link goes to flickr slideshow) is a beautiful town, despite our first night misgivings. We went to a fast food joint because we were at the hypoglycemic stage of short sentences and grumpiness. The “don’t talk to me, just get me food” stage was closing in fast and we went to a place that was a little sketchy. No biggy, because our hosts and the town more than made up for the initial shock.

We’ve got lots of photos to share and stories to tell. But I’ve got a day job and tech duties to attend to (new ibook G4 is acting up) and emails to send. Will have a write up later.

And then there’s the whole Apple/Intel thing. CRAZY. Ultimately, I don’t care so much as long as I get to keep my UNIX underpinnings and beautiful GUI. I don’t think it’s going to mean cheaper Apple hardware, though. Apple is going to remain a premium brand.

Damn I missed the kids. Leta has grown a bit and Chuck seems to be pooping normally. All is right with the world.