Powell Goes for Obama

From: TPM TV | Talking Points Memo | TPMtv: Sunday Show Roundup: Powell Play

(note: Talking Points Memo is tapping my political ass right now.)

McCain’s gamble to play to the fringe has not paid off. The Powell endorsement is a big one. The campaign is getting desperate:

McCain is so gone he’s using the same firm that slandered him in the 2000 primaries. So much for valor, honor and service to country. Best bit:

“The advocacy calls for George W. Bush’s campaign that became an issue in this year’s South Carolina GOP primary were developed by Feather, Hodges, Larson & Synhorst [FLS]. The firm maintains seven phone banks and 500 phones scattered from Phoenix to Minnesota. South Carolina, home of the Bush blitz, is one of the firm’s “best” phone centers, said partner Jeff Larson. “Military wives from all over the country make calls for us there.” “Phones are great,” he said, “because you can change your message right away.” With better voter lists and a new trend toward recorded messages, today’s political calls are “narrowcast”–antiabortion activists will hear one script, voters in one small area will hear directly from a local pol. “It’s a blossoming business.”

from The Washington Post, April 30, 2000

The goal of the robocalls? Voter suppression. In some states, robo calls are against the law unless the script is read by a live human.

Don’t let the insane in the membrane McCain turn you off Obama. This is a dirty tactic to make you think you shouldn’t vote.

Apparently, under McCain’s guidance, change isn’t coming to Washington anytime soon.