Product Placement

This is what happens when the lady is gone. I record shows like Carpocalypse. And after I bathed Leta and read her cute stories and tucked her in to bed, I watched this show while drinking bourbon. George, if you’re out there, you need to study up on this show so that next time we play Eve of Destruction on Xbox, you have a fighting chance.

On the show, one of the dudes gets wasted. We don’t know if he’s gonna make the race. When asked, he mentions that he drank half a bottle of Crown Royal. I didn’t think anything about this mention. It wasn’t like when Rocco suddenly mentioned that he’d need a line of credit… from his show’s major sponsor. About two-thirds the way through, there is an ad for Crown fucking Royal. They sponsor a NASCAR vehicle. Lordy. That’s some sweet marketing genius, right there.

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