Puppy Snow Play

While this is totally blurry, I love the stances of the dogs and tones of the trees and snow. Kind of like a retro shot or Holga shot. Back in college, I had a TV producer friend who said that it was always better to shoot video with expensive gear and then tweak the master to look shitty. I think I’m beginning to see the merits of that with RAW and the Canon 5D. I love taking a couple thousand dollar camera and making the shot look like something that came out of a plastic camera. While that’s nice and all, I still think the overall effect of mood and atmosphere is more important than the technical.

But that’s me.

  • Lisa

    Totally off topic – I’ll ask my question and if you want to email me for more info then please do. ?? Would it be better to replace my home CD player with another 250disc player or with an MP3 player/dock staton?? Burning issue btween my husband and I.
    I do not know any techy music lovers, I’m a music lover and totally not techy…hence, I’m here seeking your wisdom.
    If you have time to respond, I would appreciate it, but I know you guys are prepping for travel.
    AND – the photo is very “dreamy” and very nice.

  • Alisa

    I agree with all points rasied.
    1. You can always make something really good look really bad (or in this case, cheap), but it takes quite a bit more time and effort to make something really bad look really good.
    2. When I look at a photo, I look at it as a whole. So, the overall mood and the emotions conveyed are much more important to me.

  • Cathy

    I love this picture. And I totally agree that what’s in the picture is much more important than all that techincal stuff.

  • CindyBrady

    I love any of your photos with Chuck in them. He’s the coolest….

  • SuzieQ

    It’s always better to “capture a memory” for forever than to lose it trying for the perfectly composed shot. I love the just makes me smile.

  • Lisa

    I think the out of focus stuff in a picture, sometimes frames nicely what is in focus. I think Heather has demonstrated that time and time again in her photography. I really like the effect.

  • Amy

    It’s a lot easier to make a good shot look “bad” than to try and fix something that is crappy to begin with. I went to school for photography and 9 times out of 10, if a photo is bad to begin with, it’s going to stay bad. End of story.

    That being said, since I’ve recently gotten over the “trying to conserve space” mentality, I’ve recently started shooting predominately in RAW format. It’s amazing how the scope of possibility is opened up with these files. Low light isn’t such a pain, and the colors stay super saturated. It makes for a much easier time in experimenting with different effects. Loving it.

  • Patrice

    I really love this shot. I’ve had a Lensbaby for over a year and still haven’t mastered it in terms of the blurryness, but I think I’m gonna start focusing on the colors instead.

  • Patrice

    (thanks for the inspiration)

  • Sarah

    I really love all your photographs. Being able to take a simple thing that most of us would walk right past with out a second thought, and make it a beautiful photograph is an amazing talent. I suppose that is what they call having an “eye” for it.

    I am just curious, are you a trained photographer or self-taught? Has Heather taught you or vice-versa, or is it just something you both happen to enjoy. Have you thought about selling your prints? Just curious and nosy. :-)

  • Jenn

    I love it. Those doggies look wild.

  • firefly

    Great photo. I think the blur emphasizes the sense of dogs in motion. The vignetting contributes to that as well.

    I had a b&w darkroom for a number of years and I found out first-hand that you really can’t rescue something that is an actual crappy shot. The torture in that is by the time you get the negatives processed and the prints dried and you find out it’s crap, it’s too late to go back and take it again. Digital is immediate, and if it’s a still, you get do-overs.

    I really want to get into digital stuff including printing my own shots, but that’s down the road apiece money-wise.

  • Donny Pauling


    I spoke at the University of Montana in Missoula last night. Flying
    home this morning, my connecting flight went through Salt Lake City. I
    sat directly beside John Eyring, son of Apostle Henry Eyring. We talked
    about investments, porn, the Church, and for about 5 minutes we talked
    about Heather and Jon Armstrong, and He said
    nice things about you two.

    But mostly we talked about porn.

    He was intrigued by the work I do with as well as the
    debate we did that aired on Nightline last Friday night (filmed two weeks prior
    to cap off Sex Week at Yale University). He’s a cool guy.

    Thought you might be interested to hear that the son of the man in
    line to become the Prophet (“if he lives long enough”) not only knows
    who you two are but had kind words to say about you.

    When he said his father was one of the 12 Apostles I knew that was an interesting
    thing, but until I just now did a google search I had no idea “big” he is in the LDS

    He was flying out to Sacramento for a board meeting. We talked the entire time, and
    all the way down the corridor after de-planing.

    He seriously did speak kindly of you two and knew exactly who you are.

    He also seemed to get a kick out of the “Jesus Loves Porn Stars” bibles
    gives out at porn conventions.


    This is AWESOME. Good work.

  • Victoria

    I can *hear* this photo. Know what I mean? : )

  • susan m

    this reminds me of the third photo I ever faved on Flickr, also one of yours.

  • creative-type dad

    Wow – that’s nice.

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