Rad Hair

Episode 8 of Turning This Car Around is now available.

Show notes:

This week we talk about getting ready in the morning. There’s dressing, there’s brushing teeth, there’s hair… oh, god, so much hair.

John recommends California baby hair detangler.

Lex used a Barbie head to practice hair do’s and hair don’ts.

Speaking of hair, here’s the hair that John had to deal with up until last summer. Be forewarned, this image may disturb more sensitive listeners.

We won’t be providing a link for Tinker Bell cosplay pictures which, uh, somehow just came up organically. We’re pretty sure you can find those all on your own. But behold the horror of… tween Dora.

They’re not quite as cool as light-up Boba Fett sneakers, but here are some light-up Jango Fett sneakers.

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