Really Big Glasses

I’m not going to get into how I found this, but all you Brooklyn hipster women going for the 70s big glasses look? You’ve just been schooled:


Dude, Lynda Carter was smokin hot. Smokin. Hot.

Moving along, now.

  • zeghsy

    i <3 linda carter as wonder woman. i wanted to be her when i grew up. my dad used to joke that her outfit would fall down without her magic belt though.

  • Lesley

    Here’s a great interview with the current Lynda Carter.

    Love what she says about Palin.

  • Dave Vogt

    I suddenly realize why she was on the 1800contacts commercials.

  • Polly

    Sha Pow!

  • lallaloolly

    she totally stole those glasses from alec baldwin in a prelude to a kiss…

  • turbanhead

    Every friday night on CBS! It was hard being a teenage boy and watching Lynda run around in her wonder woman outfit.

    Also, i missed checkin in on your website – it’s been about 2 years!

  • blurb

    @turbanhead, I’ve missed you! You were a part of my 2002 crew I used to check on daily.

    Parenthood has severely limited my blog reading. I’ll return the favor, I promise!

  • turbanhead

    Ha. Same here. Raising a 5 year old with my babymomma and dealing with the NYC public school system has taken up a lot of time. The site has been neglected too.

    Congrats on upcoming baby number 2!