I can’t begin to thank all of you for your comments of support, your good vibes, your prayers, your thoughts and love. Yeah, I said it. Love. I’m blown away by how much the internet loves my dooce, and by extension, her family. Thank you thank you thank you.

Some of my worst time while Heather was in the hospital was when I’d leave her and head home for the night. Family watched Leta so I could spend time up at the hospital with Heather. Heather and I would share dinner and conversation and then I’d have to leave. It was so difficult to leave each night. The first night was the worst, because I knew Heather was not happy about being in the unit she was assigned. I didn’t sleep so good and I caught a cold. It may have been sympathetic, stress-related or Leta may have given it to me. During the hospital stay, I siphoned off a lot of clear mucous from Leta. Yes, I know she may be teething. Still, we’re talking maybe half her body weight. Particularly bad were the morning siphonings. I worked the nose-syringe good. Leta actually likes it.

Getting up in the mornings and feeding Leta without Heather around was surreal. We normally take a team approach to mornings where one of us feeds Leta and the other makes breakfast and coffee. It was so lonely and weird to not have Heather here. I ached. I put on a brave face for Leta, and her smiles and noises helped me cope.

Being without Heather in those beautiful moments with Leta hurt like nothing I’ve experienced before. For the first time since Leta was born, I was faced with what it would be like without Heather. It wasn’t good. When I had such moments, I’d wait until Leta was down for her nap and I’d hit the comments that had been left and be uplifted.

You all helped me through a rough time more than I can adequately express. I think I’m still a little shell-shocked at the outpouring.

I’ve gone back to work this week and it’s been a struggle. I’ve been extra worried about Heather and how she would handle being home. I’m so happy to have Heather back. I’m slowly starting to feel like my hope for Heather to be happy has paid off. She deserves to lead a life free from the prison of depression.

Through all of this, I’ve become an ardent post-partum depression treatment evangelist. So many women suffer through post-partum and don’t get the help they need. It’s treatable and women don’t have to live that way. Post-partum depression is very common, and there’s nothing wrong with asking for help. As I write this, I’m aware of my own inability to ask for help, being raised with Mormon pioneer blood coursing it’s way through my body and causing me to believe that asking for help is an admission of not only weakness, but incompetence. I know nothing is further from the truth; the converse is true. Asking for help is a sign of bravery.

We are not through this, but signs are good. Heather is sleeping as I write. She’s taking naps as well. These are good signs.

  • cindi

    i am so happy things are looking up. we, the internet’ers, are so lucky you have let us into your lives so we COULD offer some sort of support. so thank you for that. may things continue to get better, in the mean time, i will keep your family in my heart.

  • Kathleen

    Jon, you’re such a wonderful person. You both are ridiculously lucky to have each other.

    I’m glad things are starting to look up again – you both deserve it.


  • moose

    Welcome home to you, too, Jon, in all the senses of the word.

    Good signs are good. We’ll take good signs.

    I said before and I’ll say again, the three of you are cradled in the hearts of many… despite and because of the oddity of the internet. Props to you for sticking together on the courageous path.

  • becky

    i’m so relieved that she’s home and feeling better. and glad that you two can be together. my hubby’s gone a lot now & after 6 years of NOT having that and now dealing with it, all i can say is it’s not easy.

    it’s so cool to read about how much you two love being together. i’m glad you have hope about the future and about heather’s health. *hugs* to all of you.

  • Christina

    How lucky Heather is to have a husband like you. And how lucky you are to have her. You two warm my heart. Here’s to much happiness and love!!!

  • ‘nother jen

    Postpartum is so common, so misunderstood and so taboo. Did you know drug companies used to not test drugs on women because their hormones would affect the results? So many drugs were put on the market without knowing how they would affect women, because estrogen and the like were “abnormal.” This same thinking is why we have such pat terms like “the baby blues” for a serious condition and why women hide or dismiss serious symptoms. (jen alights off her soap box, sticks the landing, and gets seriously point-screwed by the canadian judge) Anyway. Because you were so open, so upfront and so willing to share your experiences, maybe some people will treat it as a normal but treatable condition, and maybe some woman will seek treatment and help through it.

    Go you. Oh, yeah, and it’s teethng. It so sucks. Gwen is doing it too. Stock up on baby tylenol. Also, there’s pooh and tigger teething blankets and target…she loves that tiggery goodness.


  • Caroline

    I have been so moved by reading both your blog and Heather’s. I started reading maybe 6 six months ago, and I look forward to new posts, triumph in your joy with Leta, and think of you all during these times.

    I’ve been through a serious depression, with some anxiety, in my life and I can’t tell you how I wish for relief for Heather, and you as well. While it may sound strange or selfish, I want to just remind you to look after yourself and not lose yourself, either. Caring for someone with serious depression can at times be as complex as the depression itself, but is often not seen or acknowledged.

    Your blogs inspire me artistically and otherwise. I, like Heather, have found love, friendship, and family in my marriage with a man a few years older than myself who is also divorced. I read her writing and it moves me almost to tears, because it’s how I feel about my husband…

    Anyhow, an anonymous internet soul here, thinking of you. Take good care! And please do take care of yourself as well…

  • micheline p.

    Good grief! I know Heather’s posts can make me cry (like the current 7 month letter to Leta), but now YOU have gone and made me cry too! You Armstrongs are amazing people, with an amazing dog too. Isn’t it great sometimes how you can rock the internet world, and then we get a chance to rock you back? Hang in there, we’re all still behind you 100+%!

  • melissa

    I am so happy for all of you that things are going so well. Your entire family has been in my prayers.

    I do have to admit that I got a small case of the giggles last Sunday night in church. We have a time in our service where we can quietly speak out loud the name of the person we’re praying for. I spoke Heather’s name, then started giggling thinking that Heather would probably get a kick out of the fact that she’s being prayed for by some Baptist-raised, Episcopal-church-going, southern girl that she’s never met and more than likely never will meet. Then I realized – that’s the beauty of the internet!

    My best to all of you – especially Leta and cute little Chuck – give him a pat on the head from our family.


  • Em

    What a relief to hear Heather is feeling better, and our collective love fest helped some.
    I have a tendency to slide towards depression as well, and i’m glad to know we ‘the internet’ were able to help in any way possible. Much love to you all.
    P.S. Could Leta and Chuck be any cuter in those new pictures? I don’t think so!

  • lindsay

    best of luck to you all while on the road to a full recovery. your support of each other is amazing and if the support of your readers is helpful, well then it is only inspired by the love that you and heather show each other.

  • Melinda

    You and Heather are remarkable people who touch so many lives through the openess and frankness of your writing. I’ve been thinking of you both so often this past week and rejoice in hearing things are going better. I love that you found strength from the comments when you needed it the most. The Internet, she is a wonderful thing. I’m thinking of you, dear Armstrongs, and wishing you more good days, more smiles, more Leta giggles, more Chuck kisses, more happiness, more blissful sleep and more of all the good things.

  • Jenny

    I am so happy for you and Heather! I’m glad she’s sleeping better.

  • jess

    I’m so happy that things are looking hopeful for you guys. It’s always darkest before the dawn. You guys rock, and you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

  • markku

    We may hardly know each other personally, but you and your family will be part of my prayers.

    Keep the faith.

  • Katherine

    I, too, am very happy for both of you. :-) But, dear Jon, take care of yourself. Don’t burn out, okay?

    {{{hugs}}} to you and your family! :-)

  • http://N/A Steph

    I once read somewhere that one of the greatest lessons we can learn in life is to learn to miss our loved ones before they are gone.
    Sounds somewhat morbid but it’s true. It’s when you really notice the little things and realize how important they are to your happiness. That’s when you realize, really know, exactly how essential someone is to you.
    The signs really are good. I’m so pleased to hear that Heather is feeling better already and things are looking up. The best to you all!
    Sleep, Heather, sleep.

  • HazelEyedPisces

    Jon, I’m so glad to read today’s post. I can feel the growing relief that things are heading in the right direction. As a depression survivor myself (and a recent one, at that – I can totally relate!), I can’t tell you how much I admire the support and love you’ve given Heather through the recent past.

  • Lessa

    I’m so happy things are going better for you and dooce! The signs mentioned are very good ones indeed, and realizing just how much you both need each other can do nothing but positive things for you both! Leta is one very, very lucky little lady to have you!

  • Katie

    I’ve got to second that “post-partum depression evangelist” notion, not to mention plain old garden variety depression. It’s horrible. A lot of people deal with it, and a lot of people are resistant to medication, but I think Heather’s story is a mighty fine argument for better living through chemistry.

    Love to you all (and some treats to chuck!)

  • D

    And the sun keeps shining :)

  • arizonaKim

    Whooohooooo!!! So glad to hear the good news. I just read the updates on dooce, and it puts tears in my eyes to hear the excitement of Heathers new found joy and relief. And the best part is that it’s only going to get better from here!
    Hugs to the Armstrongs!

  • Kelly

    You made me cry. You are a wonderful family. I am a loyal fan of Dooce. I pray for Heather daily and hope things go well. I have a good feeling about this family you have created. I wish you all the best and look foward to both of your journals on life!!

  • PunkAssBitch

    {{{{John, Heather, & Leta}}}}

    So glad to hear that things are looking up, glad to know the comments gave you a lift while you were down, and really glad to hear that you are resistant to that message of weakness for these types of issues (gawds that stuff pisses me off to no end, great way to continue the stigma of mental health issues!)…it’s not weak to ask & seek help, it’s weak if people DON’T.

    and REALLY REALLY glad to hear that she is taking naps…catch a few yourself, too, if you can, you deserve it!

  • beachgal

    Again, I am so glad to hear that things are looking up for you and Dooce. Your blogs are so inspiring to so many, that I’m glad we were able to help you through this difficult time. Please know you are still in all of our thoughts, and here’s to more good times ahead. Hug Leta and scritch Chuck for the blurbodoocery fan in South Carolina.

  • JaneBond

    You are a good egg, Jon and I’m really very happy that everything is becoming about as normal as Blurbodooce World should become. Give Leta a snuggle for me and tickle Chuck under his chin.

  • Erin

    Congrats to the Armstrongs for being on the road to recovery! When I realized I had PPD after the birth of my son, the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do was to ask for help. So happy Heather could do so, and so happy that you are there to help her Jon. You are a remarkable couple. XOXO

  • ~Alberto

    I’ve got a couple of friends who just gave birth to their son 8 months ago. They are the most caring, most supportive, most delightful people I know and, so, also the best parents I’ve ever seen.

    You and Heather, from what I’ve read these past 7 months, are right up there with them.

    I’m glad things are getting better – and happy and ever-impressed at your mutual love when things are not better.

  • Jessica

    The only thing that’s shameful about post-partum depression is that far too many people are suffering without getting the help they deserve. Every now and then a dramatic case pops up, and the headlines “mother jumps infront of train” sweep the nation … and noone seems to realize this is just the tip of the iceberg. Thousands of others suffer as badly, trying desperately to hang on just one more day.

    I’m so happy Heather is getting help and is starting to feel better. As a physician, I’m also very grateful for her courage in discussing this widespead but underdiscussed problem. I think she (and you) are helping many others by encouraging _them_ to seek help. This will lead to happier mothers, happier husbands, and certainly happier children.

    Kudos to the Armstrong family! You both rock.

  • Abby

    I’m so glad that things are better for you guys. I did a little dance in my chair when I read that Heather was taking a nap. That is such good news! And my husband said to tell you (specifically) to hang in there and take care of yourself, too. One of the worst things that I remember about being in the hoispital was my mother telling me months later how devistated my husband looked when he came home after visiting me the 1st day. My mom took Kate (2.5 months at the time) and let his mom talk to him. (Thank who/whatever that they were both there!) He remembers doing the early morning and late night feedings while I was in the hospital and he also described it as unbelieveably lonely. And sad. But we all got through it, even though for a long time I carried around a lot of guilt about putting him through that (never mind that I was the one locked up in the psych unit!). But it’s ok now, and believe me-I appreciate every day what I have. And so will you guys.
    (Sorry, that whole thing was sort of meandering. But I’ll let it stay.)

  • connie

    *does happy dance of joy at news that Dooce is better*

  • connie

    *does happy dance of joy at news that Dooce is better*

  • Jessica

    PS: Leta sure looks a lot like her Daddy! 😉

  • Laura

    It’s a long road to recovery, but you guys look like you are on your way.
    Now go hug your family – the news out of Russia today is enough to make you never want to let go…

  • Melle

    Good. Good about you having your lovely ladies back in the house. Good about nice internet people. Good about naps. Good about getting help. I’ve always been fond of the idea of “new year” being in the fall (though I’m not Jewish). Perhaps the Armstrongs New Year is arriving.

  • Valerie L.

    I’m glad Heather has such a wonderful husband. I hope eveything continues to go well for you and your family! :-)

  • Tracy

    It’s great to know that the Greek Chorus of the Blurbodoocery has helped a little. You both have given us the pleasure of your excellent wit and artistry through your writing and photos, and I think we’re all glad to have had a chance to give back our perspective, support – and indeed, love – in return, for what it’s worth. Thanks for giving us the chance to do that.

    Speaking as someone from a similarly stoic family whose father was hospitalized for suicidal depression and whose sister has also suffered, I think society’s attitude toward this disease benefits greatly when people like Heather and you are willing to not only confront and deal with this problem, but to be open about your experiences throughout the process – both the hardships and the successes.

    Hang in there, DJ Blurb and Dooce. Here’s to continued success in the journey back to good.

  • Cece

    hey! me too! scrolling through all these other well-wishers is daunting but hopefully you’ll catch a glimpse of my comment which is…

    You are incredibly sweet and My Favorite Dooce is very lucky. I have a wonderful husband much like yourself. I’m lucky too. Thank you for Blurbing all of this. It’s really cool to see things from your perspective. Take care of that Dooce! You do such a good job. and furthermore…

    DOOCE RULZ! and…

    I (Heart) DOOCE! and…


    Please get that merchandising thing going so I can strut around in a DOOCE shirt! Gosh I think I would look really cute in a DOOCE shirt…

  • Sarah B.

    I am so happy things are looking brighter for your family. Much much love to my Armstrongs.

  • samantha

    it’s been so good to hear from both of you on this issue. Jon, you are amazing, you are strong, and I am so glad that you found strength in all these loving comments and all our prayers.
    I requested prayer for ALL of you by name at our church website, and nearly every staff member asked me how it was going – they would do a double take when I explained that your family was one I read about, but that I loved you like friends. And I know that I’m not the only one crazy about all four of you!
    Here’s hoping that the rest of this year is a rocking, bad-ass – in-that-good-sort-of-way for all of the Armstrongs! And again, thank you for taking care of our beloved Dooce and the adored Leta. We’re all thankful for YOU.

  • Jazzy

    I am so happy to hear that Heather is home. Your story is so beautiful to me and I will surely remember her struggle when I have children as I too have dealt with depression in my life. Hang tight and continue to be strong as a family unit.

  • Anna

    Yay! Home is definitely the place to be, except when it’s bean-diaper time.

    I commend you all for getting through this first, and possibly most difficult, step toward recovery. I wish I had deep advice and words of wisdom, but I don’t. The best I can do is this:

    When the going gets rough, do the next thing.

    Don’t get overwhelmed worrying about the next five hundred naps and diapers and crying fits (Heather’s OR Leta’s), just do the best you can with this one moment. And if you take one moment at a time, you’ll eventually look back and realize that one moment turned into two, into twelve, without your noticing.

    A million and two virtual hugs to you all.

  • Toya

    I am so happy for you, Heather and Leta. I’ve been praying for you all and hope that you’ll be blessed. Much happiness!

  • Kahli

    All my love guys!

    Sending all I got- right atcha!

    Keep on moving forward and keep us posted, we obviously want to help in whatever way we can.

    Here is hug _________.
    Here is a perfect little pour of nice, aged bourbon_________.

    Thanks as always for sharing.

  • Heather from the Blogs

    this is the stuff that is important, all these things that you say and miss and ache for. love may be all we need, but it’s always better to have some help. depression is debilitating, but you and heather are stronger than you ever thought possible. and that’s why we all out here in the internetland love you.
    be well, be safe.

  • Viktor

    I’m not going to say anything that hasn’t already been repeatedly said, but that said, I’m so glad things are looking up. You and Heather (and Leta) are so lucky to have found one another, and we (the internet’ers) are so fortunate to be able to share a part of your journeys.

  • Melis

    I’m expecting a munchkin of my own in about five weeks and I’ve always appreciated yours and Heather’s open and honest posts-no matter how heartwrenching and sad they may be at times. Heather’s always told it like it was, and that’s what keeps me coming back. Well, that and the really cute pictures of Leta and Chuck. Anyway, I worry about PPD but knowing that there ARE places to get help and that it’s not criminal to know when it’s needed and then ask for it…well, that gives me hope.

    My hub is very much like you, Jon. Strong, steady and incredibly loyal to our little family. He’s seen me through a serious and almost deadly blood disorder and has stood by me as I’ve slowly come back to life. He gives me belly rubs while I’m sleeping (just learned about that two days ago) and cannot wait for our little buddy to arrive.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again-your family is an amazing one and we pray for continued health and recovery.

  • Jeannette

    Heather sounds so positively energized, so cradled in the arms of her family! I’m so happy for all of you and this new beginning. Best to you all.

  • El

    I am so glad to read that things are looking better. Man! What a struggle. You are all handling it with such grace and courage. Heather is very brave.
    OK, Jon, how about you?
    Are you sleeping enough? Are you eating right, taking care of yourself?
    I don’t want to read in a couple of weeks that you’ve been hospitalized for dehydration or exhaustion or something.
    (that was my inner mother nagging you).

  • no name yet

    all too often i don’t bother to comment because everything has been said… but this time i figure it doesn’t hurt to add my experience to the masses. i too am a mother who has a long history of suffering from depression. contrary to popular belief, it’s not because i’m a mororse depressing person who likes to be emo and wallow in her crap. it is because my brain malfunctions from time to time. it’s completely treatable. over the years, things have gotten much better and totally manageable.

    since my sweetie was born four and a half months ago, i suffered some baby blues (normal) and then felt myself slipping into PPD. i immediately sought help from my existing medical support network (fam doc, OBGYN, psych) and things were under control very shortly. consequently, life is mostly great and i very seldom need to curl up into a ball and hide.

    congratulations to heather for being strong enough to seek help, and enormous props to you, jon, for understanding the nature of PPD and depression in general and as such being able to support heather through these times. and hugs to leta for being a cute little zing zing zing bah (btw, i think it’s creepy that both heather and i call our kids zing zing zing bah–from boohbah of course).

  • the sarcastic journalist

    i’m so happy for your little family. dooce’s story has prooved that depression is real and that it can happen. i only wish best things for you guys and little Leta.

  • Karan

    Stay right there…I’m gonna get my man to come read this little love story. Don’t move. I’ll be right back.

  • julie

    I’m glad things are looking up! I have mements like that when i realize what it would be like without someone around. Mom, dad, whomever.. it’s hard to explain but there’s this moment when you realize how much you depend on them, and how much they contribute to not only your life and existence, but your every day motions.. and then it hits you… my god.. how would i function without them? who would i talk to? how does tomorrow come without a goodnight from them because you can’t remember or fathom having a tomorrow without them in it…

  • Sara

    Everything has been said already, but…

    I think it’s great that you are sharing your experience. It wasn’t that long ago in the history of our country that women who suffered from depression were put into mental institutions against their will/wishes and left to suffer without their families. I think with the increasing awareness of how much women, and their families, suffer from the effects of depression — however it comes about — is due to the popularity of blogs and other electronic mediums, so thank you for your part in this education.

    Both of you are such talented people and you, no doubt, will have a talented child in Leta. I know that you will get through this as a family. You are such a devoted father and husband in a time when so many are absent.

    I am a Zen Buddhist. In our tradition, we have a Bodhisattva (the Buddhist version of a saint) called Jizo. In short, Jizo is the protector of children and women in transition. The tradition of “praying” to Jizo and its use in Buddhist practice has traditionally been used to help women and families, but is also a representation of peace and goodwill. Since I can’t physically send you a Jizo statue, I am just sending you this message. I think Heather mentioned needing ‘the internet’s’ thoughts and prayers, so this is my version.

    Best to you all!

  • Anne A.

    Rock on, Jon. You are a great man…

  • Casey

    Yaaay for Dooce for asking for help! Yaaay for Jon for being a great husband/father/man! Yaaay for Leta for being Leta!….my prayers are still with ya’ll.

  • ashley

    aw jon! only if all men were as helpful as you are.
    i bet dooce appreciates that so much :)
    and leta too for helping her momma get better

    good luck guys!

  • J

    And so it goes…the Blurbodoocery keeps chugging along. I’m so glad everyone is on the upswing, and I’ll continue to keep good thoughts for continued health. You guys deserve all the best in the world.


    You’re both very brave, strong and kind. Leta & Chuck are so very very lucky, and you are both lucky to have each other.

    Hugs hugs hugs.

  • DeAnn

    I’m overwhelmingly relieved and happy that things are getting better.

    You two are such a testament to how much simply asking and seeking help can, well, help.

  • Elise

    That is awesome that Heather is starting to feel better. I faithfully check both of your sites every day to see what’s going on and was glad to see her post the month 7 newsletter for Leta.

    As I’m sure everyone else who comments on your site says, my hubby and I feel like we know you guys and we are glad things are going better.

    And you have a pretty cute kid too. And a pretty cool dog.

  • Carolyn J.

    You are a good husband and a good dad. Certified by me! I hope you are all feeling better soon.

  • jenny

    you two are so strong together… we can all only dream to have the relationship you two share!

  • Tom

    You two are the definition of what a loving and supportive marriage is. Admiration doesn’t even begin to describe, what all of us who read your site(s) feel for you both. So glad that things are looking up for the Armstrongs!

  • Kate in Vermont

    Hi Jon! I’m glad we’ve been a help to you…and I hope you understand that we’d all do more if we could. Just imagine if we could all stop by and drop off a casserole… clean the house… do the laundry… walk Chuck… gosh, y’all would never have to do any work for, like, three years! Well, you know we would if we could.

    I appreciate your post-partum depression evangelism…and be assured that I will think often of Heather as I go through my psychiatry residency. I hope that one day, at one time, I can be for someone else what Dr. Wonderful was for Heather.

    And as a married person, I hope and strive to be the kind of spouse that you are being for your wife and your child. You and your stubborn Mormon pioneer blood are being inspirational! :-)

    And damn, if that baby girl isn’t the spitting image of her papa. Take care of your women…and yourself.

    With lots of love and hugs! and calming meds!

  • aibee

    Jon, you’re the kind of man every mother wants for her daughter.

    Honestly, I’ve never read a more beautiful love story.


    I never knew I could care so much for a family I’ve never met.

  • MCR

    I am so happy about all of the positive steps Heather and your family have made over the last week or so. I am proud of you all, in awe of you all and full of hope for you all. I am also grateful that you have shared your story with us. So many will read this and know they are not alone, and will gather strength from your experience.

    You will all continue to be in my thoughts.

  • http://nope Andrea

    Add me to the list of suckers who cried upon reading this latest entry. Jon, I’m so glad that even if the sheer mass of comments made it impossible for more than a few to stand out, the sheer mass of comments also was an encouragement to you. SO, SO, SOOOOO glad Heather is home and SLEEPING! Yay sleep! I always feel goofy that I’m so attached to people I don’t know, and who don’t know me…but you guys are special. Hope things continue to improve.

  • robyn

    It’s a shame the “for better and for worse” of your vows had to come in such close proximity of each other with the birth and then all the post-partum stuff, but you sound like such an amazing couple — and in turn, such amazing parents. You continue to be in our thoughts. Since our children were born on the same day/year, we like to check in on you. Seeing you both so hopeful again puts a very big smile on our faces. We wish you all the best. Happy seven months to the wee one!

  • Sarah

    Why is it that I find myself actually “awwing” at my computer, simply when I read the first paragraph? “My dooce.” I’m breaking my zombie state, and am actually giggling like a school girl in the dark of my room. I hope I find a man someday who is half as caring as you — as a complete stranger, it’s quite obvious how much you care for Heather. You can write to a mob of Internet geeks, proclaiming your love for her on a public blog. That’s incredible, and most men would find this somewhat difficult to do. Heather is lucky to have you.

    You are both incredibly special. I’m glad things are looking up for Heather, and do know that if either of you ever needed any sort of assistance, thousands of non-stalker, blurbo-dooce-loving nerds would be at your door.

    Thank you, for everything — you’ve no idea how fabulous it is to hear that she’s doing well.

  • D

    Sleeping is a very good sign- take it from another anxiety ridden- insomniac. The level of my sheer squirrelly-ness has a direct corelation to the amount of sleep I’m getting. If I only got to sleep at 7am, the mail slot banging at 9:30 makes me think someone’s in the apartment and it takes me a good fifteen minutes to peel myself off the ceiling.

    I have new drugs this week, so far so good.

    I think you and my Bear should be co-nominees in a Nobel Prize for exceptional patience, love and understanding. I hope it’s a tie.

  • Cameron

    Some English poet (I can’t remember which one) wrote “Love is love’s reward.” You deserve all you have, Jon, and all you ever want.

  • bec

    you are a wonderfull husband and father, and Heather is a brave woman. All the best to you and your family.

  • Stacey

    You must be very proud of her Jon. :)

    I’m glad things are starting to look up for her.

  • Leah

    Of course the internet loves your family, Jon. You are real people that show us what it’s like to live a real life with failings, unhappiness, and trials coupled next to joy, elation, and simple beauty. It’s like a real reality-tv show (woah, that would be a cool show — on tv ^^).

    But, seriously, I want to thank both of you for your blogs. Heather’s especially, but also yours, has helped me through difficult times in the past few years I’ve been reading. It is because of Heather’s candor that I’ve begun to actually think about and process through all that has transpired in the past few years of my life. I honestly appreciate both of you, and attendent family members. I can’t wait until Leta is old enough to blog for her and Chuck. Thank you both so much for just being there.

  • marsha

    😀 Boy do I understand the Mormon Pioneer thing. I am horrible at asking for help and when I do people refuse because they have no idea how deep it goes. I maintain brilliantly.

    Happy Day Happy Family!

  • Lesley

    What I don’t understand is why our society, since it recognizes this is common for women, doesn’t just construct nice homey places women can go for periods of time. Instead of hospitals or psych wards, have nice residential places – like a hotel, but with a community feel – where husbands and babies and other sibs and family members can visit. It seems so obvious. No stigma. Just recognition of a need that must be filled. Humanity has no problem developing the most comfortable car on the planet to drive, but when it comes to taking care of its sanity, emotions, tears, it’s in a sad state of denial.

  • me

    I read Dooce every week and have always wondered about her “best husband in the world”. I’m glad that you posted your URL. I can see that she is right. I am so glad that she is getting better and that you support her so much! Hugs to you, Heather and Leta!

  • Dawn

    It is with so much joy that I read of the relief you are all experiencing. I exhale deeply for you! Hope you all continue to go from strength to strength. You deserve it, and then some. Welcome Home Heather! Be happy, lovely family and thanks for acknowleding our needs by keeping us posted through it all. Wish we could send food and gifts and anything that would help!!!!! xoxoxo

  • Dasha

    Jon, this is probably going to sound cheesy as hell, but your love for Heather and Leta is beautiful. You are a wonderful husband and father. It does my heart good to know that Heather has such an amazing man standing by her side. Take care of yourself, as well as them, though. xoxoxoxoxo

  • kim

    i am sooo glad to hear things are going better. heather’s last post already sounded a lot better, but the fact that she’s taking naps (!) is awesome. i am still thinking of you guys alot and if i did believe in god i would still pray for you (i guess). since i don’t – i’m just gonna keep thinking of you and send good german vibes. and hugs ;o)

    and out of topic here, but i’ve been wondering for so long: what does this xoxoxo mean??

  • Anja

    i’m so happy to hear that things are looking up.
    Thinking of you all, and sending good wishes across the Atlantic

  • kimberly

    A hearty “me too” to those who are happy that things are going better for y’all.

    Be sure to take care of yourself as well, Jon.

    Kim…xoxoxo is an old abbreviation for hugs and kisses. :)

  • dana

    I am asking my 23 year old wedding obsessed niece to read your site and dooce’s before she marries the pin head. This is what marriage is really all about.

    So happy things are better adn hope they continue to improve.

  • l

    i’ve spent over an hour reading your wife’s blog archives, chuckling to myself at 2 in the morning. its amazing the amount of love u guys have for cute little leta..reading about your family made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside; i even said a little prayer for your wife to feel better and stuff cos she’s so cool.. and i never pray. i’ll shut up now. p.s: all the best to you and ur family and you’re cool too. ok i’ll really shut up now.

  • jenn


    i don’t normally leave comments on this site, or the dooce site but i just had to this time. i have been following heather’s website since about month five of her being pregnant. so, i must say that my concern has been great. i have had the armstrong family in my thoughts and prayers quite a bit these past few weeks. it is just wonderful to hear heather is home and things are looking better. i can not stress enough how brave i think you both are. sharing the most private moments to people you have never met must be scary. i applaud you both for talking about everything. i think people are so closed off, so afraid to let others in. so afraid to not look “good” or “okay” all the time. i think it is so wonderful to see people being real. being able to say i hurt, i am sad, i am scared, and most of all i don’t know know the answers to everything. i can’t stress enough what the honesty of both you and heather has done for so many people. i think you have created a space for so many others to share, be real and get in touch with their real feelings. even if we all aren’t on weblogs talking about it, we are in fact sitting here feeling it. that’s a start. thank you thank you thank you. jon, i think you are so brave. though i don’t know you, you seem like a wonderful man. i can’t tell you enough how great it is so see a man who is in touch with himself and isn’t afraid to share it. i love your honesty and how openly you can express your feelings about heather, leta and everything else you feel. you jon, are a great example to many men. i will continue to log on, tune in and pray for the three of you. i wish for you all, rest, peace and stillness.


  • Very Mom

    Heather is so lucky to have someone so supportive and understanding. We of the Very household love you all and applaud you both for your bravery.

  • Hannah

    I’m so glad things are beginning to look up. I know it’s a long road, but every step in the right direction gets you further down it.

    Thank you for sharing with us. I feel very lucky to be able to get a glimpse into the minds and hearts of such beautiful souls.

    And by the way, how can two people possibly produce something as adorable as Leta? It’s just not possible! I can completely understand Heather munching on those cheeks!! Just too damn cute!

  • Super Turtle Girl

    Hooray for naps! Hope Heather naps her ass off for the next few months. You’re such a beautiful family. For your whole lives, you’ll always have each other. But you may not all get to sleep at exactly the same time so don’t forget to take lots of naps.

    PPD is a tough thing to beat but it looks like Heather is on her way–with your help. For the ordinary blues, have you tried the ‘baby cheek cure’? The method is obvious but it is surprisingly effective. Just make sure to shave first. Daddies should have smooth cheeks.

  • kim

    kimberly, ahhh – thanks alot… so most definetely XOXOXOXOXO…. to the blurbodoocery ;o)

  • Gretchen C.

    Jon, so glad to hear y’all are doing better. Continuing to send hugs and good wishes from Newport Beach, CA. Give your ladies hugs from our little family to yours. God, Leta looks so much like you it’s spooky.

  • banky

    The world gives the three of you a collective internet hug. All the best. We’re thinking of you often. 😉

  • l

    everyone should be as nice as this in person.

  • April

    I know that you know you are blessed…that your wife is has been blessed with another chance to embrace life unafraid, unashamed. But I’m telling you again because in all of this, many of us have been blessed, too. The internet may love dooce in all her glory and weakness but in that we are loved in return and that is so uncommon in this virtual world of faceless emotions.

    The two of you…and Leta too…have effected us in more ways than you know. So. Thank YOU. And Heather. You guys are such an inspiration.


  • jm


    i know that my better half enjoys reading dooce and blurbomat in part because we are in the same boat almost…except at the considering pregnancy stage. i’ve been an “out of the closet with any kind of depression” evangelist since ’91. That’s when I was formally diagnosed.

    Facing down depression as a couple with the loveliness and complications of meds and pregnancy and parenthood is brave and amazing. thanks for blazing the way.

    p.s. in the words of the immortal Cohen:

    ring the bells that still can ring
    forget your perfect offering
    there is a crack in everything
    that’s how the light gets in

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