Rorschachesque Lion Thingy

Can you freaking believe it? Ryan won The Bachelorette! He won!

It had to be the drawing. Remember that drawing? It was this weirdly symmetrical ink drawing that looked vaguely like something you’d see in Psych 101 and the whole class would think, but not say, “Lion.”

The drawing is the key determining factor in this whole show. The barometer by which we can see Trista’s Love. If one were to see the actual drawing, how would one respond with any nice anything? The instant response is, “yeah. thanks for the drawing” the whole time thinking, “this is terrible and I’m totally freaked out right now.”

That Trista still chose Ryan, despite the drawing, is a testament of something. Maybe Trista has an appreciation for Rorschach, ink blots and/or Lions?