Rude Awakenings

Rude Awakenings

Not San Diego

We are home.

The road trip back was largely uneventful, but I’m sure Heather would disagree. She spent the first leg curled up in a ball and in pain.

We stopped for gas in Beaver, Utah and when I rolled down the window, I was hit with a winter blast of icy cold air. My days of walking puppies in sunshine and 60° weather are over. It was the same this morning when I took Coco out for her first business trip. Wind and cold were a cruel reminder of the season we had left to get some sun.

I can’t describe the euphoria, even while sicker than I’ve been in a long while, of walking barefoot on a beach and watching the dogs play. The sun, sometimes a flitty mistress, still rejuvenated me during a time of heavy stress and illness. The sun made me think that things will get better, that I will get better and that even though we are in the deepest heart of winter now, it’s a matter of weeks before we’ll start to thaw. Trip report after I catch up and do some long standing work.