Rush Limbaugh is not going to put up with it.

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Rush Limbaugh can’t handle the truth:

Rush is “not going to sit here and put up with” caller informing him that Obama cut taxes | Media Matters for America (Link goes to an audio file of Rush Limbaugh lying.)
(via @mmfa.)

Links talking about the Obama tax cuts:

Today: Obama signs bill giving small business tax cuts

9/20/2010: Politifact on Obama’s statement that “tax rates today are lower now than they were under Ronald Reagan….

9/20/2010: Bloomberg

8/1/2010: Politifact on Sarah Palin’s claim (during her Chris Wallace interview on Fox) that ‘Democrats are poised now to cause this largest tax increase in U.S. History.’

Finally, from the White House itself:
2/21/2009 blog post here.

4/15/2009 Video: Real Tax Cuts Making a Real Difference
(Transcript is here.)

9/10/2010 Fact sheet: President Obama Has Signed Eight Small Business Tax Cuts Into Law, Pledges to Sign Eight New Tax Cuts Benefitting Millions of Small Businesses

Ergo, Rush Limbaugh is a liar.