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Preparing for the start of Second Line, this guy was putting up DO NOT CROSS tape. I caught a single frame of him, looking just past me. This photo doesn’t capture his friendly energy. Instead, a moment of transition. Kind of like freezing a video of somebody talking and seeing an opposite emotion in the face than in the whole context of what is being said. It’s one of the reasons that I struggle shooting on the street. Most of my shots don’t capture the right in-between moments that make a great portrait. And I debated, needlessly, I think on whether or not to share this one. Seems a misrepresentation of sorts, you know? I still haven’t bothered to include a Street Photography category.

Nerd: I based the processing of this shot on the work I did on this shot, one of my all-time favorites.

Tools of choice: Lightroom, Analog Efex Pro 2

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