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Sartorialist in Spain

As my 2012 goal of shooting more people, I’m finding a couple of scenes in this video particularly inspiring:

I love how he stops and jumps off his bike. Even if it is staged, it doesn’t feel like it. I hadn’t considered that people might be flattered to have their photo taken and shared. All about the approach. I’m still nervous on the street. Events are easier.

Still working at it.

  • Algeabloom

    I love his work and he makes it sound so easy to approach people….not sure I’m there yet though. I have gone on a couple photowalks with a group and it was interesting to see how they approached people. Something new to learn with photography!

  • Melissa Dunn

    You should watch “Bill Cunningham New York”. It’s in the instant stream on Netflix right now.

  • bassovita

    I’ve been such a fan of his for years – for the photography and the keen eye for stand-out street fashion. I also have trepidation with approaching people. And because of it I have missed out on some great opportunities. I’m trying to get over that too…