Scale by Jon Armstrong.


It’s difficult to show the scale of this formation without a point of reference. It’s big.

* * *

After I go somewhere and shoot photos, I return home and I miss the creative push; the time to breathe and give myself to the moment. I know it sounds over the top. I’d be lying if I said it any other way.

The highs of 2012 have coincided with photo-centric trips and reconnecting with friends. Of all the things that I wanted 2012 to be, photography has been the one thing that I followed through. I feel like I’m growing and learning how to see a scene and slow down, get the shot I want and the results are some of my better work.

2013 is not looming, it’s calling. I like it.

* * *

Affirmation: Give love back.

  • americanrecluse

    I love everything about this post. All of it. Good for you.

  • Katie Morene

    Your photography has definitely improved this year – you’ve captured some wonderful images – good for you!