Selling Out, Now With More Sellouty Goodness Than Ever

Selling Out, Now With More Sellouty Goodness Than Ever

One of the benefits from working at home, aside from ruining the internet and selling out, has been that Heather and I have been able to work on something that highlights our love for our dog as well as our love for photography; a calendar for 2006 featuring the Former Congressman.

Our second blurbodoocery production:

Former Congressman Chuckles: 2006 Calendar

We are using Lulu to print and ship this calendar, after seeing how nice JPG magazine looks. Lulu lets you opt to pay for many different levels of shipping, from super cheap to next day express. If we printed this ourselves and handled shipping, you’d most likely get this mid year and we’d probably screw your order up and there would be yelling and we’d start drinking more and then Heather would post more compromising photos of me and sure the Chuck photos would be nice, but half a year of useful calendaring would be shot to hell.

We aren’t selling our first blurbodoocery production for any amount.

If you are so inclined, order a calendar by clicking here.