Senator Absent at NAACP Meeting

It appears he is afraid of the media. Best part is toward the end at about 1:45:

Also from the Mormon-owned station.

Salt Lake Tribune story here.

Touchy Mormons have wondered why I’m including Mr. Buttars religion at all in my writings about this issue. I believe we’ll see more of this kind of ignorance in the future not less if the church remains silent. I believe that is what can be expected when a dominate culture is fed ignorance for decades. Racism is ignorance. Bigotry is ignorance. That more people aren’t clamoring publicly, that the media outlets are standing back and choosing their language far more carefully than Mr. Buttars has (twice now!) says so much about a culture that has been shaped with a heavy pair of hands by one party and one church. I call out the church because here is a brilliant chance to take a stand. I know the church will probably not comment, but how great would it be if it did? Wouldn’t you want whatever organization you belong to to stand up against hate speech?

The irony is that Mr. Buttars and his supporters are now trying to make Buttars the victim. Typical conservative tactics.

UPDATE: From the Mormon owned paper. Best bit from the candy ass GOP Salt Lake County chair:

“Salt Lake County Republican Party Chairman James Evans said that Buttars’ comments, including his recent reference to lynching, were not racist.

“‘It is a ‘hate lynch mob,’ Evans said, echoing Buttars’ words.

“‘People decide who’s a racist and who’s not based on their agenda,’ Evans said. ‘This is a political agenda to silence a white, conservative male … race is being used as a weapon to undermine Sen. Buttars’ effectiveness.'”

The poor, white conservative male defense. Give me a break.