Short Mark Knopfler film by Henrik Hansen

Sweet video comparing vintage cars, vintage studio gear (some epic analog outboard) all accompanied by “Basil”, the second track off Knopfler’s new album Tracker.

* * *

“Sultans of Swing”, Brothers in Arms, total soundtrack songs to my life. Knopfler is one of my favorite guitarists of all time. Super tasty finger technique and the right amount of feel. The riff just after Knopfler sings “we are… we are the Sultans of Swing” is every summer from 1978 – 81.

Make sure you have some really good headphones to listen, the audio quality and mix is really great. Knopfler’s playing is beyond compare, listen at 2:50 and again at 4:00 in this video from 1978 on Old Grey Whistle Test, a fantastic and very epic British TV show:

Soooooo tasty.

I digress.

The complete film about Tracker is uploaded in parts on YouTube. Here’s part 1: