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Single Dads By Choice: More Men Going It Alone

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Despite being single, B.J. Holt decided to start a family on his own. Christina (left) and brother Payson were born via an egg donor and surrogate mother.

Single fatherhood is changing for straight men as well:

“At the same time, gender roles for straight men are evolving. With more stay-at-home dads, and fathers generally spending more time caring for kids, advocates say men are realizing they dont necessarily need a wife to be a parent.”

via Single Dads By Choice: More Men Going It Alone : NPR.

  • Jane Fraser

    Serendititous timing. I am actually consdiering being a surro for a single (straight) dad right now!

    • blurb

      Wow. I wondered about how many single, straight men would consider enlisting a surrogate. Such a huge thing. Best of luck, regardless of which you choose!

  • L Haley

    I hope you will write a book about your experiences with your daughters, the ups and downs!