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I pick up the keys today and start assembling furniture. I just realized I forgot a dresser for the girls’ room. I have a feeling that I’ll be having a lot of realizations.

Daily affirmation: goals are great, but it is in the journey we find the greatest joys. We also find a lot of hex wrenches in the flat pack furniture boxes.

* * *

I turned off comments on one of my past posts for a few reasons. Foremost is that civility must, by extension, be something exhibited here as well as in real life. I would ask that if you have things to share directly about the situation, please send an email. I also felt that while the majority of the comments have been positive, I didn’t want a dog pile effect to start. It doesn’t matter what I do, there will be those of you who will find something negative to say regardless. I’m finding my way through this as well. And yes, I’m trying to be considerate toward the mother of my children.