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Snapseed, The Blurbomat Review

I’m working without a lot of my normal tools right now, but I was able to throw this video together. I hope it shows you more fully what Snapseed for the Mac can do. It’s a sweet app that has some surprisingly robust tools for such an inexpensive app. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send an email.

  • Brianna Doby

    Yay! Thank you so much.  Really enjoying your photography and appreciating how willing you are to share your thoughts and expertise.  Sending good thoughts your way, too :)

  • Anonymous

    i didn’t read the review or, frankly, know much about snapseed — just here to say way to persevere without your usual comfort zone of tools (and other things).  i feel i might be spinning in circles if i was, um, displaced.  good focus, mate!

  • Keltie Borden

    Yesss, I depend on Snapseed for my 365 project and I’ll be buying a ‘real’ camera instead of using my iPhone when it’s done.  Snapseed is my go-to for pretty much most of my editing.  Having it on my Mac will be even better.

  • Jenny Bauman

    Very cool! I use Snapseed on my iPhone all the time… I didn’t realize they’d released a Mac version. I’ll have to check that out! 

    I have an non-Snapseed question… what do you use to make video tutorials like this? I have a project where I need to make one similar to this, and really don’t even know where to begin looking for the software to do it. 

    • blurb

      Jenny, for screencasts like this, I use Screenflow. That link is an affiliate link to the App Store. It’s a $99 app, but one of the best apps I’ve ever used. Very powerful.

  • Arie Wilson Passwaters

    Thanks, Jon! Great video. I was on the border on whether to purchase the AP or not. Now I totally am. 

  • Daphne Gilbert

    Yep– you convinced me.

  • Colleen Cunningham

    Thanks Jon, this was helpful. One question – I read in the app reviews that the app saves down the edited images significantly. Do you have a problem with that? Is the image quality fine for screens but not so much for print?

    • blurb

      That’s exactly how I’d put it. Plenty large for screen work and likely even a 5×7, but might be pushing it for anything printed larger.

      • Colleen Cunningham

        Oh cool, that works for me. Thanks for the info!

  • Janet

    Cool. Just got a new camera for Christmas & might give this a try. I am interested in the digital vs print inquiry as well. Thanks. 

    • blurb

      See my comment above. 

  • Stv.

    Thanks, Jon – super informative – I hadn’t played with the spot controls much.

  • FishSticked

    I’ve been looking at this since I first saw you mention it. This review (and excellent video) may push me over the edge. And the price is very appealing.

  • Antigone

    I really wish I had a Mac at home to use this on.  Lately it’s been my Go To for editing mobile photos. I usually take shots with my 4S, then edit with Snapseed on my iPad and upload from there.  When I got the iPad for Christmas I asked my husband for app suggestions (he does performance testing of mobile apps for nVidia) and his response was, “If nothing else, get Snapseed.” I instantly fell in love.  Great review!

  • Rebecca Caplice

    Thanks for a great succinct explanation of Snapseed.  

  • Laura Wolfe Miller

    Thank you for this!  I love fiddling with my images, but Photoshop and Lightroom are a bit too advanced for me at the moment.  Snapseed seemed like a good way to get my feet wet, and your tutorial convinced me.

  • nita daniel

    I use this on the iPad, and I love it. These are all adjustments I was able to do before with conventional desktop editing tools, but the flow is so much more intuitive. Without the features feeling compromised or dumbed down.