Snow Cones of a Different Type

I grew up with a few giant pine trees in my yard and this one reminded me of the one that was in our front yard. People in Utah seem to be phasing these out by cutting them down and not replanting pine trees. I really liked having that giant tree in winter. It was like we had the biggest Christmas tree in town.

  • bre

    i totally thought that was a photo of coral in a nice warm ocean. apparently my mind is now refusing to believe winter is still happening!

  • Lynn

    We planted pine trees at our cottage when I was 3 years old. My parents sold the cottage to buy their retirement home when I was 25 and the guy they sold it to said he wasn’t going to change a thing. Two years later we drive by to see the cottage gone and this massive house in it’s place. Our trees were gone. My parents were heart broken. They would have had them moved to the new house if they had know. Those trees represented so many summers to our family. I’m still bummed about it.

  • Jill S.

    Our house is surrounded by pines, and my favorite part of living here in the Sierras is that every day smells like Christmas.

  • Stephanie

    I totally thought that was coral, too.

  • lucky13

    that is a fantastic photo. hope you’re well…

  • aaryn b.

    Regarding the photo in the following post (on which comments are turned off…I’m sorry, but I can’t help myself here):
    Are you fucking kidding me???
    Sending you lots of wishes for sunshine to melt that shit and prevent another occurrence.

  • Joey

    As a born and bred Utahrd who now lives in Arizona, I’ve been poking fun at my friends and family for the horrible winter you have all had this year. However, seeing your snowy pictures everyday now is beginning to make me feel really bad for you all. It’s sad and depressing and I’m sorry. That’s the very reason we moved to Phoenix. You guys should escape your winter hell and come enjoy the sun, there’s plenty to go around!

    Either way, I’ll do my best to send some warm sunny vibes your way.

  • Beth

    Dude – this is why I moved to Texas from Michigan. The snow is beautiful until you have to drive in it, shovel it, or walk in it. AND THEN Easter comes along and your trying to find Easter eggs in the snow drifts that flank your driveway. I miss the snow exactly twice a year; Thanksgiving & Christmas. The rest of the time I’ll take my 50 degree winters. Hang tough man! Spring is coming, I promise — really.

  • mr. m00g

    What is it people have against snow?

    I’m jealous. Up here in Minnesota I have been hoping for that kind of winter for the past ten-plus years. I say, enjoy it; there will (may?) come a day when you too will wish for such a winter. Besides, what can you do about it? Stressing only shortens your time on earth, not the winter’s.

    If you truly despise this weather, then you might just have to ask yourself why you chose to live near the mountains in the first place.

  • Lesley

    The colour is truly spectacular, Jon. So much easier on the eyes than the cold wintry death pix, though those are beautiful too. :)

    If it’s any consolation, up here in the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver) we had flurries and hail today in parts of the city, which is totally unfair considering there hasn’t been a drop of snow since um…December I think. We get about 2 or 3 weeks of light snow here and it usually melts the next day. I grew up with deep snow and -30 temperatures and miss it terribly for some psychotic reason.

  • Al

    That’s a beautiful picture and a beautiful tree. Sorry they’re cutting ’em down.

  • Jeff Milner

    I only recently learned the difference between a spruce tree and a pine tree. You probably don’t care, but in case you do, this looks like a spruce to me.

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