Speaking of New

As part of my leaning into photography and leaning into making new friends, I’ve been spending more time on Google+ over the past couple of months. This morning when I logged in, I saw the new design, which I like. When you log in+, if you have the new design, before you see the new page layout, there is a promo video you can watch. Check it out 22 seconds in:

Festival of Colors. NICE.

If you don’t see the new design on g+, here’s a post that has an image of the new hotness.

Are you on Google+? Do you care? The hangouts are pretty cool and there are a lot of great photographers there. As my online friends have slowed in posting to flickr, I’ve found a vibrant new place full of new faces and inspiration. I still visit flickr, but for some time, it hasn’t been hopping. I think Facebook is to blame for some of the slowed pace. It’s a pity because I think flickr has the best organizing (Sets, Groups, Places, etc.) features of any of the sites.