Spring at Last?

All the TV stations mentioned that the snow level would be above 8,000 feet today. Salt Lake City is at 4,400 feet in elevation, so we figured we would be in for a day of rain. We were wrong:


Here’s what the TV stations were reporting as I took the above photo:

NBC affiliate:

ABC affiliate:

CBS affiliate:

And as I write, some four hours later, it’s STILL snowing. Somebody needs to hire better weather people and more graphics people.

UPDATE: Here are current conditions as of approximately 4pm, MDT:

  • EJW

    I noticed that in the OSX Dashboard weather gadget, there’s a symbol that’s a sun with rain drops, but no clouds. What does that mean? How can the sun produce rain, it’s 800 bajillion degrees and has no oxygen. Very confusing.

  • http://mihow mihow

    On Sunday, it was about 75 degrees in New York City. Yesterday, it snowed.

    There was no mention of snow on my widget. I left the house wearing a short-sleeved shirt and a spring jacket. I froze my ass off.


  • john

    It snowed yesterday in Philadelphia. It was 43 degrees and generally sunny at the time, but it snowed.

  • Star Shine


    You’re the most reliable weatherman around! I live in LA, and I’ve noticed that the weather forecasts here can’t be trusted for anything more than 48 hours out. Of course, in LA if you say it’ll be 75 degrees and sunny, you’ll be right more than 75% of the time! Stay warm!

  • Dorkette

    Send those weather-idiots down here to Phoenix, where they have it easy… the forecast is the same 80% of the time.

  • doctor tongue

    Here in Calgary, the weather forecasts are as accurate as a 10-cent watch. “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes or drive 5 miles.”

    I find it amazing that weather forecasters can be wrong all the time and still have jobs and make good money. Try being that inaccurate at your job and see what happens.

  • MontanaJen

    I completely feel your pain.

    It has been snowing in my corner of Montana for two days. This weekend, we rec’d a foot of snow, and yesterday and today has dumped another 8 inches of the wettest damn snow I’ve ever seen.

    Freaking crazy.

    My dogs looked at me like I was crazy when I told them they had to go outside to pee.

  • http://veg4me.typepad,com veg4me

    This morning on the news I heard “It’s going to be a chilly 75 today”

    It was cold enough that I had to wear capris with my tanktop instead of shorts.


    You should see us break out the mittens when it plummets to 65 here in the desert.

  • Natalie Buxton

    I love how the snow looks like it’s slumped and folded, like vanilla fairy floss, in front of the car.

  • Kristen

    The weather has been icky here in the east as well. They say rain, we get a foot of snow.

  • listless

    My husband and I just moved to Salt Lake last October (from Alabama), and checking the weather forecast soon became a daily joke. Starting in about November it seemed like snow was predicted daily, often with a “snow advisory,” and rarely materialized.

    This morning when I looked outside, I couldn’t believe itóit was like a bad late April Fool’s joke.

  • moonrattled

    It’s weird to see the word “nice” used to describe weather. That never happens in Canada It’s either sunny or it’s cloudy…no value judgements are made either way.

    Also the Fahrenheit…I’m so used to Celcius now. It’s nice to see those big numbers again.

  • honey bunny

    my husband and i watched the weather man last night. i found out that NO weather man knows how to forecast weather…because it’s all wind.

  • Melanhead

    I am all about The Weather Channel. They seldom disappoint us. Especially if Sharon Resultan gives the report. Notice how she hasn’t been pregnant lately? Dave Schwartz can annoy the shit out of me at times, however.

  • Sam Merrill

    You get snow. We get wind and dust. I think I prefer the snow.

  • Karen Rani

    Duuuuude! I’m in Canada and the SNOW has officially taken off eh. Wanna come over? Cold beer and BBQ’d medium rare shteakies!

  • Ryan @ The OC Blog

    I live in Southern California (The OC) and it’s supposed to be spring, but we’ve had heavy rainfall for the last week or so.

    So much for sunny California…
    but it’s clearing up now and we should start seeing some normal spring-summer weather, which I enjoy! Time to go surfing

  • Vegas Vixen

    You know, even though it bites to live in it, it’s still beautiful to see it and watch it come down. And I can say that with a straight face, because I don’t live in it. LOL However, come summer, I’ll be hating living here in Las Vegas when we have 110+ heat multiple weeks in a row. I’ll have to make sure to bookmark your flicr page so that I can drool over these snow pics.

  • ranzino

    We are experiencing the same kind of thing here in New England. All the weathermen were saying “Rain with some light snow in the higher elevations.”

    For the record, I don’t live in a higher elevation. You have to love April.

  • capello

    Thirty-six degrees considered “nice”?

    What the hell are they smokin’ over there?

  • kevin

    I believe in Utah this could be considered yet another way that the Mormon church has infiltrated everyday life. Instead of reporting the weather using “science” and “technology,” it looks to me that they’re going on faith alone.

    The Mormon weathermen get together and pray to God or whomever it is that the LDS prays to (maybe its Brigham Young, I don’t know. I’m not a Mormon.) And from the divine spirit of the Lord, they get the weather forecast. I could see it now….

    “And the Lord told me through prophecy that it will be sunny and 72 degrees outside for the rest of the week!”

    And God laughs at everyone as a snowstorm hits the area.

    You think the Mormom weathermen would have learned from the Native Americans: when you do the rain dance, it pours.

    Oh, does anyone know any good hosting? My site’s gone down again for the third time in two weeks and this crap is driving me crazy. Its like snow in the springtime!

  • DDM

    That is FABULOUS weather forcasting, right there.

  • ThatBadgerChick

    You probably don’t want to know that it’s 90 here in Austin today, right?

    Oh, but I feel your pain. Last night, in the midst of wicked thunder/lightning and oh yeah, golfball-sized hail, I logged on to a local TV station’s website (because I like to live on the EDGE, baby) only to learn that two hours earlier they declared that any chance of rain had passed us by at midday. Huh. I guess hail isn’t technically rain, but. Um.